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Five great project management examples to get inspired

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10th Nov 22 9:55 am

Project management is a complicated discipline that takes elements of team management, data analysis, resource management, and business development and combines them into a single field.

Being an effective project manager means learning from your peers and embracing modern technologies that can transform your projects. Let’s take a look at five real-world examples of fantastic project management in action to help you get inspired.

American Airlines

When American Airlines merged with US Airways, the two companies had a lot of overlapping technologies at their disposal. Managing the merger was always going to be an extremely complicated operation and one that simple spreadsheets and Kanban boards wouldn’t be enough for. Instead, the company used portfolio and resource management software to streamline data entry, capacity planning, and resource management.

Contemporary project management technology for transportation sectors include bespoke solutions such as a vessel inspection templates. By embracing new technologies, AA saved millions of dollars over the course of the merger.

The National Hockey League (NHL)

The NHL has been presenting hockey statistics on their website for over 25 years as well as responding to customer applications from around the world. The team behind the NHL website implemented a clear development roadmap and sprint planning to ensure that developers across the entire team are able to work on open projects at any time, massively improving workload efficiency and offering superior customer service at the same time.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

When RBS wanted to make sure that they had a consistent data collection methodology to help support financial decision-making, they installed portfolio management software and decommissioned over 35 legacy systems in the process. This helped them to achieve a positive ROI in 12 months, proving that investing in project management technologies often pays off in the short term as well as the long term.


Amazon’s business development team implemented project management technologies that increase visibility, assist with task tracking, and enable distinct groups to manage their own projects in a way that works for them. This has helped Amazon to grow its core project management team into 300 different groups across 30 different countries. Today, of course, Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce companies in the world.


Flowserve is a large company with over 19,000 employees. Keen to develop new products and improve decision-making at a high level, they implemented an automated gate review process which allows their project managers to efficiently manage work within the pipeline and hasten time to market, allowing them to stay ahead of their competition and spend more time and resources on innovation.

Similar methodologies include 5S audits, which can help companies to improve the flow of work and reduce wasted time. Using a 5S audit template helps project managers to complete S5 audits efficiently and thoroughly.

Great managers make great projects

The examples above prove just how important effective project management is. As a project manager, each project you work on has a separate set of goals and objectives, and tailoring your methods to these objectives is key to reaching – and exceeding – your goals.

Why work harder when you could work smarter?

Embracing contemporary technologies can help project managers to ease workloads, track and manage task progress, and allocate resources in real-time.

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