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‘Far-right’ thugs attend St George’s Day rally which erupts into fierce violence and fighting

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Apr 24 3:55 pm

A St George’s Day rally in central London has turned violent as fighting has erupted with police officers.

Thugs are chanting “England til I die” and most of London has been bought to a standstill with Whitehall blocked in both directions.

A group suspected of being far right barged past the Met Police who then “violently forced their way through” to make arrests neat to Whitehall.

Video footage has appeared which appears to show a thug smacking a police horse in the face with an umbrella and a group of men draped in St George’s flags are clashing with the police.

The Metropolitan Police said, “Regrettably officers are already dealing with disorder.

“There is an area allocated for this event in Richmond Terrace. This group went past it and continued up Whitehall.

“When officers formed a cordon and asked the group to turn round, they reacted by violently forcing their way through. Mounted officers intervened with horses to restore the cordon.”

At around midday, the Met said, “Later today, an event to mark St George’s Day is expected to take place on Richmond Terrace, off Whitehall.

“We believe those planning to attend include far-right groups and groups linked to football clubs travelling from elsewhere in the UK.”

The Met added: “The officers’ primary role is to ensure the safety of participants and the public, but they will not hesitate to respond in the event of disorderly behaviour or other offences.”

The Met Police have now issued a Section 60 and 60AA orders that allows their officers to conduct stop and search for Tuesday evening.

A Section 60AA order means that any face coverings or masks will allow the Met Police to order these to be removed.

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