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Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg shows off his 2016 challenge

22nd Dec 16 10:34 am

Do you like the idea of having your very own robot app?

Facebook boss, Mark Zuckerberg shows of his own personal robot butler, Jarvis.

The robot app is voiced by Morgan Freeman and can control lights, make toast and play music.

In a video, Zuckerberg asks for help getting dressed, one of his grey t shirts is fired straight to him from the wardrobe.

The social media mogul sets himself a new challenge each year in January. Jarvis happened to be his task for 2016, as well as running 365 miles.

Zuckerberg can communicate with Jarvis through Facebook messenger or through voice commands. He does this through a special app he built and programmed into multiple iPhones around his house.

He said: “In order to be useful I wanted to be able to communicate with (Jarvis) from anywhere I happened to be,”

“That meant the communication had to happen through my phone, not a device placed in my home.”

He also said he will continue to teach Jarvis new tricks and connect the robot to more appliances.

Zuckerberg is set to reveal his new challenge for 2017 “in a few weeks”.

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