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Everything you need to know about proxy servers: Types and features of work

by Sarah Dunsby
22nd Nov 22 1:41 pm

How peer-to-peer proxy networks can be useful for business

Many companies now operate exclusively online, thanks to the advent of internet technology of fast datacenter proxies via PrivateProxy. It has been shown that using a proxy server has many benefits for companies that operate online. In the past, databases have been hacked without the use of a peer-to-peer (P2B) proxy, and this has caused damage to many businesses.

How to set up a proxy server on Android

The configured proxy is used by Chrome and other browsers, but cannot be used by other applications. This is another good reason why you should use a VPN instead of a proxy server. With a VPN, you can force all the network traffic of the app through a VPN connection.

  • Open the Android Settings app and tap “Wi-Fi” to see a list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Tap the name of the Wi-Fi network for which you want to change the proxy settings. Tap “Change network” when the menu appears.
  • If you are not already connected to a Wi-Fi network, you will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network and enter a passphrase before you can access the “Change Network” options.
  • Expand the “Advanced Settings” section of this screen.

Check the proxy settings on Windows

On Windows, most browsers will use the proxy settings installed on your computer.

In Windows 10, there are two ways to change the settings: using the Settings app or using the traditional Control Panel.

The risk associated with using a Proxy

Yes, there are risks and serious ones. You will have to spend a little more time studying proxy servers before you choose one of them and start using it.

For example, you should take into account the fact that free proxies are often not very good for solving security issues. To somehow earn money, gateway owners are looking for other ways to do this. They sell user data. They help to distribute targeted advertising. But even this money is not enough to ensure high security and server speed, so free options can be slow and dangerous.

Filtering of available resources

A common scenario of use in public networks. Only the scale is different. The situation with children is about the same. You can limit their freedom in the network for the time of homework, for example.


  • A proxy server, in fact, is a gateway that passes traffic through itself. Modern proxy servers are a raised gateway to a remote server or a computer hacked by hackers. A proxy does not encrypt traffic but passes it through itself at the program level – for example, it is embedded in the browser settings. Often proxy servers are unstable because, in addition to traffic passing tasks, they can be involved in other processes.
  • The private network application creates a secure tunnel between your device and the end server.
  • A good VPN will not keep any logs (and proxies can and most likely do) and encrypt all traffic securely. A person who uses a proxy can be easily traced by law enforcement agencies, but with a VPN everything is much more complicated if the private network does not keep logs.
  • VPN can work slower than a proxy, because in addition to passing traffic, it also encrypts all data. You cannot use a proxy to transfer confidential data, and a good VPN can and even should be used. Especially if you are connected to the Internet through an unknown network, for example, a free Wi-Fi point in a café.
  • Also, proxies are usually all free, and a free VPN is cheese in a mousetrap. It may not encrypt the data sufficiently, as well as share traffic and even use your PC for its own needs. If you are going to use a virtual private network, you need to choose a reliable and paid service.
  • If you connect through a dubious proxy server, then even attacks on your computer are possible, and with a proven VPN this is excluded.
  • Both technologies can be used both on a computer and a smartphone. Many programs have the ability to specify proxy server data such as IP: port if there are problems with the connection. A virtual network is better than a proxy. As a rule, proxies are now used for any official business, for example, for parsing information or numerous requests to some server.

Comparison of VPN with Proxy

VPN is better both in terms of security and convenience, but such a network often costs a lot of money. VPNs are often more difficult to set up and do not work as fast. Judge for yourself, you definitely need a client to work with virtual networks or at least permission for the browser. Through a proxy, you can connect without installing anything on your computer.

What is a proxy server used for?

In fact, all services of this type act as intermediaries between the client and a third-party server from which the client requests a certain service. It receives the client’s request and executes it for him.

A simple example. Suppose you want to use a proxy server to access a certain resource. The anonymization service receives your request and performs one of the following actions:

The local cache is analyzed to determine if the desired resource can be found. If the resource is found, the service simply shows it to you and no more data is sent to the global network.

If the service does not find the resource in the local cache, it requests it from the Internet. However, your IP identifier is not used for all further actions. Instead, they anonymize act as a client on your behalf and use one of the service IP addresses. As soon as the page is received, it communicates with your original request and the information will be redirected to you.

The areas of application of such a server are different, but basically boil down to four areas – caching, filtering, bandwidth management, and security.

Data that is redirected through such a server can also be filtered by parameters, buffered, and redistributed to other servers to distribute the load. In addition, the proxy server is the main element of the firewall that protects your PC from cyber-attacks from the global network.


The internet can sometimes be a dangerous place; therefore, it is necessary to take steps to protect your company online. With the benefits listed above, any business will benefit from using a P2B proxy network.

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