EU lawyers admit Brexit divorce bill is impossible to enforce


Here’s why

European Union lawyers have said that the £85m Brexit divorce bill is “legally impossible to enforce.”

According to the Sunday Telegraph the minutes of the internal talks clearly warns against pursuing the UK for extra payments.

A senior EU source said to the Sunday Telegraph: “It was the clear view of the Commission that it would be legally impossible to defence the idea that the entire seven-year budget plan was a binding commitment on the UK, and that insisting the UK pay after Brexit would give them an excuse to walk.”

It has also been revealed that the commissions first position was to agree with the British government that the British debt was in fact massively exaggerated and legally unenforceable.

However, the EU26 are still pushing ahead for the £85m which is £35m more than the original amount furthermore, the EU26 are insisting that Britain also continues to pay for farming subsidies after March 2019.

EU commission lawyers have said that Britain cannot be forced to pay for farming subsidies once Britain has left the bloc.