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England will be hit with ‘big outbreaks’ within ‘weeks’ as public flout social distancing

by LLB Politics Reporter
6th Jul 20 11:45 am

A top health expert has warned on Monday that England will be hit with “big outbreaks” of the coronavirus within the “next few weeks.”

As people are flouting social distancing guidelines as was seen on Saturday in Soho, London people could end up killing others by passing on the virus.

Dr David Nabarro, a World Health Organization and a coronavirus special envoy for Europe said he understands people has to “have fun.”

He added, “people have really been frustrated with not being able to get out and about,” but whilst younger people may not be severely impacted by the virus, they can pass this on to other people.

Dr Nabarro told Sky News, “So, OK, perhaps for the time being people are taking it lightly.

“But if we do, as I suspect we might, then some big outbreaks [are] coming up in the next few weeks.

“That will pretty quickly remind us that we are going to have to be more careful.”

He addressed that young people believe their generation can get heard community, he warned, “The one thing I would say to everybody, whatever their age, is that don’t treat it lightly.

“You might get mild infection, but you could easily give it to somebody else who then goes and dies. It’s so dangerous.”

Dr Nabarro said his “absolute request” is for people to “stay on guard and take it seriously.”

He added, “It would concern me hugely if I felt that there was a whole generation of people who were just not doing so.”

Federation Police Chief John Apter blasted “Super Saturday” and said that “drunk people” cannot socially distance themselves from others.

The Police Chief said it was “crystal clear” pubgoers will not adhere to social distancing instructions, whilst out drinking.

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