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Energy expert reveals when to turn your heating on

by LLB staff reporter
4th Oct 23 9:58 am

Storm Agnes is expected to bring harsh weather to the UK over the coming days, and it’s reported that some parts of the country could face lows of just 6°C before next week is out.

Alongside this, the new energy price cap comes into force from October 1st, meaning many Brits will be contemplating how they can keep their energy bills low, while also staying warm.

With this in mind, energy efficiency expert Stephen Hankinson at Electric Radiators Direct is advising when to turn your heating on, to ensure your home’s temperature doesn’t fall below recommended levels, while also keeping costs down.

Stephen says…

“Studies show that the optimum temperature for inside your home is between 18-21°C to keep it comfortable.

“And depending on the level of your home’s insulation, on average, most occupied houses are around 10°C warmer inside than outside.

“This means that if the outside temperature drops to 8°C or lower you may want to turn your heating on for a little while, or your home could reach below the recommended temperature.

“As we head into autumn, it’s expected that some parts of the UK will drop to below 8°C overnight, meaning you could wake up to a chillier-than-usual home.

“This is why it’s so important to check your local weather forecast in advance and if the temperature is likely to fall below this, you might want to consider scheduling your heating to come on for an hour or two overnight, so you’re not faced with a very cold home in the morning.”

Simple ways to save on your heating costs

When the weather does turn, think about turning your standard temperature down a degree or two. You’re unlikely to feel much of a temperature difference overall, but you’re guaranteeing a difference in usage – and costs. Going from 21°C to 18°C could knock 15% off your annual bill – over £300 going off average usage figures.

If you’re looking for cheaper ways to stay warm as the temperature drops, hot water bottles are great for evenings on the sofa and it costs about 6p to boil a full kettle.

A heated blanket is also a great option. If you spend three hours of an evening relaxing under one, the electricity will set you back about 9p even at full blast.

And those who don’t work from home at all during the week scheduling your heating can help to save money on your bills.

An hour or so in the morning, starting shortly before you typically wake up, should have you in comfort as you go about getting ready. And keeping the heating off while you’re out for the day means you can set it to have the house nice and warm for you when you get back.

Similarly, if you’re going away for an evening or a few days, make sure to change your thermostat to reflect this and ensure you’re not wasting money.

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