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Employers must support those with diesel vehicles, says Sodexo

17th Aug 17 3:29 pm

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Sodexo, specialists in employee and consumer engagement, is calling on employers to support employees who are at risk of huge expense or reduced asset value as diesel cars face a doomed future.

Diesel car owners in the UK are sitting tight, waiting to find out how the government’s consultation on the potential diesel scrappage and the expected taxes will impact them. The consultation aims to get heavily polluting diesel vehicles off the streets in an attempt to reduce the dangerous levels of pollution found in UK towns and cities.

The government has previously discussed plans to offer owners of old or diesel cars a £1,000 incentive for scrapping their vehicles but this will likely still leave most owners out of pocket. Local governments have 18 months to produce plans to clamp down on heavily polluted areas. With many considering additional taxes for the most polluted areas or for diesel drivers, indirect costs are still a possibility.

As such, it’s important for employers to stand up and recognise the potential financial impact that any diesel scrappage and prevention schemes will have on diesel car owning employees.

James Malia, director of employee benefits, Sodexo, said: “There is a real risk that employees could experience hefty financial problems if the rumored schemes are introduced.

“Employers that act now to put measures in place to address this issue will ease any potential longer-term impact that these schemes may have.

“Launching tax efficient Ultra-Low Emission (ULE) car schemes is one solution that will be popular with employees who are affected by these changes; our research found that one in five employees would like to see car financing options as part of their employee benefits package”

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