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Eight advantages of steel garden sheds

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14th May 20 1:51 pm

During this surprisingly warm spring, most of the UK population was put into lockdown (for very good reason), which meant that a lot of people got reacquainted with their gardens. Some turned their hand to growing food, some built play structures for their children, and some read a good book. All things that are great for mental health.

Those that have fallen in love with their garden in 2020 may be considering getting a garden shed to store tools, compost, or even sun loungers. So, now the question is, what type of garden shed is best? After all, there are plenty of choices from wood to brick to plastic to metal.

Here are 8 reasons why steel sheds are a great choice, and why they’re ideal for those who want to get the most out of their shed with the least amount of money and effort.

1. Affordable

Steel garden sheds are much cheaper than wooden ones, meaning that you can often get a bigger or more personalised shed for the same price. It’s one of the reasons that metal sheds are the most popular choice for British gardens.

2. Lighter

A sheet of steel is much lighter than a wooden panel of the same size, which makes them great options for building garden sheds because they:

  • cost less to ship
  • can be flat-packed
  • fit easily through standard-sized doors
  • can be moved to the right place in the garden without much help

3. Easy to assemble

Metal garden sheds can be put up, in most cases, without needing a professional. It’s simply a case of following the instructions provided. In most cases, the sheds don’t need an expensive and time-consuming foundation if there’s a flat surface to build on.

If a foundation is needed, say in the case of a larger shed that requires a strong base, then the metal base of the shed allows for the structure to be secured safely and anchored well to the concrete foundation. If there is a tree in the way then you might need to get a tree removal service such as https://www.treeserviceremoval.com

4. Durable and low maintenance

Despite being light, steel stands up well to both the elements and heavy use. They have a galvanised protective layer to shield the metal, as well as delaying rust and corrosion damage. This means that maintenance work could amount to repainting the shed once every five years. (Or maybe even less.)

For this reason, many steel garden sheds come with manufacturer warranties of up to 20 years. Not only is it more cost-effective to begin with, but it will save money in the long run.

5. No risk of fire damage

Safety is the main priority when bringing something into a home, so stray sparks from the barbeque, a lit cigarette, or even a firework could mean danger for wooden or even plastic sheds. Metal, however, is naturally fire-retardant, requiring a massively high temperature to be severely damaged or spread damage to anything nearby.

6. More secure

Steel sheds are less appealing to thieves because they take more time (and specialist tools) to break into. Not only do they usually have reinforced hinges, but thicker panels are harder to cut through. Therefore, expensive tools are a lot safer in metal sheds.

7. Easy to change

As mentioned, these sheds are designed to last, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be updated as tastes and fashions change. They can easily be repainted to match a new colour scheme or to incorporate a cool design.

The best part is that coats of paint are more resilient on metals than on wood. (That’s why wooden sheds will need to be repainted and treated every year, while metal ones can last five years or more with one treatment.)

8. Ventilation as standard

Ventilation is vital to sheds because it prevents condensation from building up, which could damage tools and other items inside. The trouble is that fan ventilators do come at a cost.

Luckily, steel sheds typically have a passive built-in ventilation system via an opening in the roof or on the wall. This keeps everything store inside safe from condensation (and potential rust).

Between excellent safety, low cost and low maintenance, steel sheds are a great choice for large and small gardens, so that tools are safe, sunchairs stored dry and all that’s left to do is enjoy the garden!

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