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Doctors still number one in South East England career aspirations survey

22nd Aug 17 10:51 am

Doctor is the number one preferred profession for the second year in a row 

As GCSE results day approaches  Best Western Great Britain has published the results of the Best Western Careers Index for the second year in a row, revealing what aspirations parents in South East England have for the careers of their children and uncovering some surprising results. 

The independent regionalised survey of more than 1,000 parents revealed that medicine is still the top preferred career for the second year in a row, with 45 per cent of parents indicating they would be happy to see their child become a doctor.  

The next most desirable career was accountancy, with 41 per cent of those surveyed viewing it as a promising career choice. Architects and care workers are also scored highly. Environment and conservation professionals and film producers and directors entered the top 10 for the first time. 

Becoming a sales professional was viewed as the least desirable career option. Drivers, marketing professionals and public service professionals also gathered minimal support. New entrants in the bottom tier of the list were drivers, management consultants and surveyors – these replaced journalists, hospitality management, hairdressers and professional athletes, which attracted lower scores last year.  

Career choices that have gained in respect over the last year include environment and conservation professionals (16 per cent more desirable than last year) and care workers, which saw a 15 per cent shift.  

Worrying for hospitality though was the low confidence parents have in the industry. Although hospitality made marginal gains on its position last year, it is still not a high scorer, with just 14 per cent of parents viewing a career based in a hotel or a restaurant in a positive light. However, that percentage rose by five per cent, when asked about management roles in hospitality.  

More than one-third of parents (35 per cent) said they’d discourage their child from a career in hospitality. Poor pay was the most popular reason, with 55 per cent citing low wages as a factor while 53 per cent of parents highlighted long hours as another disincentive.  

August is a defining point for the careers of many. As young people across the country are getting ready to start college or university, others could be considering alternative career options including direct entry into the workplace. 

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