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Do the business with a PDQ Machine

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4th Mar 19 4:07 pm

Business has evolved to the point where it is possible to take payments anywhere you can get a mobile signal. Thanks to their affordability, this is no longer restricted to big corporate entities but now is accessible to small business too. With this in mind let’s take a look at everything PDQ machine and how you can utilise it to provide faster and better customer service and make taking payments easier.

What is a PDQ Machine?

A PDQ machine or Process Data Quickly machine is a small card reader that enables you to make transactions. They are lightweight, small, and portable.  Whenever you make a sale, your customer or client simply pops their card in the machine, types in their pin number and everything is done. Fast, efficient, and no fuss.

How do PDQs Work?

Simply put PDQs work by connecting online. This can be over wi-fi or via a mobile network. Once the transaction has been authorised your customer or client’s bank account is debited for the stated amount and this s transferred to your account. For a mobile connection, this is carried out via a smartphone app. If your business involves taking payments from a client or customer’s home, or from a burger van, you can now provide best in class customer service and enable more people to pay you.

Depending on the type of business you have you may find the use of a base unit and multiple reader model an asset. This utilises Bluetooth technology to make the transaction possible.

Types of PDQs

PDQ machines come in essentially three types. They are:

  • Countertop: This PDQ sits next to the till in a customer facing environment and highly suited to a fixed location business. They are the forerunners of the technology and the most in use.
  • Portable: Portable units work by having a base unit connected online. Connected to the base unit via Bluetooth are multiple portable card readers. This allows the reader to be taken to the customer so they can make payments. Restaurants use the technology all the time thanks to the better customer service and the ease of taking payment.
  • Mobile: Mobile readers are relatively new and are sometimes knowns as mPOS, or mobile point of sale. They connect directly online via wi-fi or mobile technology and as such provide a business with far more fluidity and flexibility.

They are ideal for trade shows, fast food vans to any business that takes payment in a customer’s home. Taking a payment now can arguably done anywhere in the country. Some card readers now have mobile and wi-fi technology built in so you don’t even need your phone to provide exceptional customer service.

Most PDQs can take chip and pin payments and you can see a good range of readers on the SumUp website. Chip and pin utilise Near Field Communication technology (NFC).

Are PDQ Readers Secure?

PDQ readers enhance security in two ways. They are:

  • When a transaction is made the information is encrypted. This prevents fraud and data theft and the encryption continues all the way to the banks authorising transactions.
  • With a PDQ in a retail outlet, there is less cash on the premises. This tightens security considerably. It also means your customers need less cash so it is a win-win for all concerned.

Doing the Business with a PDQ Machine

As well as the technical convenience of PDQs they provide a best in class customer service. Providing you chose the most suitable system you can take payments with ease. This style of point of sale has slotted smoothly into every kind of business with ease and has become the new normal. The idea that a customer can’t pay for a cup of coffee with a credit card has become unthinkable.

As such, the PDQ system is essential to remain both competitive and up to date with current retail trends. Should you not have one deployed you may find this hits your revenue streams as customers and clients appreciate the convenience of not using cash to make purchases.

Convenience for your Business

It is not just your customers that benefit but your business as well. Consider:

  • PDQs are often available with no fixed term contract. They normally operate by charging a fixed transaction fee often under 2%. You’ll hardly notice it.
  • They accept every card you can think of so you won’t have to turn anyone away for ‘not having the right card.’
  • Good PDQ vendors will allow you to sign up in under five minutes so you don’t have to go through page after page of forms.
  • The cost of a PDQ system is cheap with many being installed and utilised for under £100.

PDQ will help your business do the business. If you’re not on board already you could be losing sales as your competitors are using PDQ and doing the business you could be doing. Ensure you rectify this in the very near future.

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