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Do I need to rent a car in London?

by Sarah Dunsby
3rd May 23 5:28 pm

There are so many exciting destinations that you can visit while in London. It will be pretty hard if you choose the public means of transport. You must rent a car in London to access all these places comfortably. Use the Virtuo app to hire a car, which can be delivered to your place or picked up at a rental station. To use this technology, download the app on the App Store or Google Play app, create an account and unlock your car using a phone. During account creation, you will need to upload all your documents. You can also record any damages that the vehicle has before you start your journey. Within the app, you will get many fully equipped cars ready to hit the road.

Benefits of hiring a car in London

By having your means of transportation, you have much freedom to explore. Below are the benefits:

Zero time-wasting cases

Having your car means you will not need to experience the long queues at the bus and train stations. You can get into your car when convenient, rather than waiting hours for a train or bus. With no time wasting, you can explore so many places quickly.

You don’t need to walk around with your luggage

Immediately after picking up your rental car, you will no longer need to worry about your luggage. You will just put them inside the boot and start your journey. With car hire, you don’t need to check into your accommodation. You can move around with your things comfortably.

You feel like a local

Hiring a car and driving around makes you feel like a local rather than relying on the public mode. You can navigate around at your speed and stop wherever you want for refreshments or any other reason.


Comfort is among the top reasons you should rent a car in London. Hiring a car makes you travel in style; you no longer need to worry about tracking down a tax when you want to move around. There are so many car hire companies, and they all have comfortable vehicles that can suit your needs.

Tips for comparing car hire deals

Gas policy

A good car hire company will allow you to choose a fuel policy that works better for you. There are two policies, a full-to-full and a pre-purchase fuel policy. A full-to-full generally entails picking a car full of gas and returning it in the same condition. A pre-purchase policy is where you get a car filled with gas and will incur the cost of filling at the end of your rental.

Mileage limits

Depending on the miles you intend to cover, always confirm if the booking has unlimited mileage. If you will be crossing borders, be sure you are covered by the insurance given with the rental.

Child seat charges

In the UK, any child below three years requires a child seat. Therefore it will be wise to ask for the entire cost, including the car seat, to contrast the overall charges of your hire car.


London is the capital and the largest city in the United Kingdom. The city’s huge population makes it among the top busiest cities globally. In such an environment, you need to have your means of transport to commute easily from one point to another. Use the Virtuo app when looking for rental cars in London, it makes the entire process easy and convenient.

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