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Data reveals London’s lack of a pothole problem

by LLB Reporter
24th Nov 23 5:12 am

Cargiant, the UK’s preeminent car supermarket, is delighted to share groundbreaking data that casts new light on London’s pothole situation.

Our unique study, juxtaposing London with other major UK cities, reveals that London’s roads are in a much better state than is widely believed. Surprisingly, London ranks 15th out of 20 in terms of pothole complaints, indicating a significantly lower pothole problem compared to other cities.

In an exclusive analysis conducted between 1st November 2022 and 31st October 2023, Cargiant investigated the pothole landscape across 20 major UK cities.

Utilising Google Keyword Planner, we analysed searches related to potholes and compared these against the population of each city to determine the percentage of pothole complaints per city. This methodology has provided a novel and insightful perspective into the state of the UK’s urban road infrastructure.

London, with a staggering population of 35,800,000, only registered 1,118 average monthly searches for pothole-related issues.

Compared to cities like Birmingham and Glasgow, with significantly higher search volumes, London’s lower ranking demonstrates the city’s effective road maintenance.

This data stands in contrast to the RAC’s 2023 report of increasing pothole-related breakdowns across the UK, highlighting the strength of London’s road infrastructure. In particular, boroughs such as Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Waltham, and Sutton are setting benchmarks in pothole repair efficiency, often addressing issues within a day.

Additionally, innovative approaches like the low emissions Spray Injection Patching machine, trialled in Redbridge, are revolutionising pothole repairs. This method, resulting in 95% less carbon emissions, underlines London’s commitment to sustainable and efficient road maintenance.

With London’s extensive road network, pivotal to the UK economy, and significant investments in infrastructure, it’s an opportune time for motorists to experience the city’s roads. For those considering a quality used car, Cargiant offers an extensive collection suited for London’s smoother roads.

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