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Critics turn on Putin’s war warning it’s ‘truly worrisome’ there has ‘not been any returned or added territories’ in Ukraine

2nd Oct 22 3:56 pm

A close ally of Vladimir Putin has blasted Russian forces and warned the West are “mocking Moscow” as there hasn’t been a single successful “operation after Kharkiv.”

Vladimir Solovyov has criticised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and now joins the long list of critics turning on the Russian leader.

Once loyal subjects of the Kremlin and Putin are now speaking out publicly and on TV against the so called “special military operation.”

Solovyov slammed Russian forces which is a crime in Russia and said, it is “truly worrisome” that “there hasn’t been a single operation after Kharkiv that would alleviate this bitterness, nor have there been any returned or added territories.”

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The once loyal ally of Putin added, “I have a big request for our Army: please start to fight by the regulations, the way you can, the way you have been taught.

“Let’s start announcing newly liberated places.

“What do you need for this? 300,000 have been mobilised.”

Russian forces continue to be hit with setbacks and disaster after disaster and just two days since Putin signed a decree in the Kremlin for four Ukrainian regions to be part of the Russian Federation, Ukraine forces took back a key logistical town which was occupied since May.

The constant setbacks in Putin’s war which he is personally running could spark the end of his career as many Russian elites are turning their back on the Russian leader.

Political scientist Ihor Reiterovich warned, “The situation on the front lines will get increasingly worse, and there will be a need to find some sort of solution.

“They (the Russian elites) are starting to think such a solution doesn’t necessarily include Putin.

“There’s panic spreading in occupied Crimea; Russian citizens are fleeing the peninsula; there’s panic in Belgorod (Russian city near the Ukrainian border).

“In general, the way they’re discussing everything that’s going on in social media – it’s sheer panic, fear, and tremendous doubts about Russian leadership’s ability to keep things under control.”

He added that it “would indeed be a colossal blow” if the Russians were driven out of Kherson, as this is one area they cannot afford to lose.

He warned, “It would indeed be a colossal blow to them, in terms of their general prospects in this war they’re waging against Ukraine, and Russia’s ability to win it.

“They can already see no triumphs on the battlefield, and there won’t be any.”

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