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Cost of living: More than half of Londoners forced to cancel a sports TV subscription

by LLB Reporter
7th Jun 23 10:50 am

More than a half of Londoners have revealed they have cancelled a sports TV subscription due to the cost of living crisis, more than any other region in the UK.

A survey of 1,000 adults, conducted by investment platform Saxo, found that 54 per cent of those based in the capital who watch sports on TV have unsubscribed from at least one sports package due to the rising costs of these subscriptions.

A monthly subscription to Sky Sports, BT Sport, DAZN and Amazon Prime, four broadcasters which televise various sporting events, costs a combined £83 per month, with fans struggling to afford these sports TV package fees on top of everyday essentials.

Those surveyed were also asked about their attendance at sporting events with 37 per cent of Londoners attending fewer matches live, less than any other region in the UK.

Across the UK, 46 per cent aren’t attending sporting events as much while 41 per cent are cancelling at least one TV sports channel due to the cost of living crisis.

Harry Leyburn,of investment platform Saxo, said, “The results of this survey suggest that even live sports isn’t impervious to the cost of living crisis which has gripped the UK since late 2021.

“The obsessive enthusiasm of live sports fans has made it undoubtedly one of the undisputed financial successes of the 21st century and typically ‘recession-proof’.

“However, even the fervent passion of fans is starting to wane as these figures show, with fewer fans across the UK attending live sporting events because of the fall in ‘real’ incomes.

“Typically, when attendances drop, we would then expect to see people instead choosing to watch games. Yet fans are being forced to cut back on even watching sport on television as a result of the crisis gripping the UK.

“And even with that said, many people are starting to cancel their subscriptions to TV streaming services, particularly those in London.”

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