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Coronavirus cases spike to 590 with a total of 10 dead across the UK

by LLB Reporter
12th Mar 20 2:29 pm

Public Health England (PHE) has said the total number of people across the UK with coronavirus has risen to 590 confirmed cases, an increase of 134 in 24 hours across the UK. Ten people have now been confirmed to have died.

Compared to last Wednesday there were on a total of 85 cases reported. This is the largest jump in cases so far in one day across the UK since the coronavirus outbreak started in the UK.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now categorised the deadly coronavirus outbreak as a global pandemic.

The US President, Donald Trump blames the EU for not acting quickly enough to contain coronavirus and he claims virus clusters were “seeded” European’s and has banned flights.

All fights from mainland Europe are now suspended for 30 days following the rapid spread of coronavirus globally.

Leading scientists are comparing the UK to Italy and are saying, it is looking “very likely” to be on the same trajectory and have compared the rate of coronavirus infections to that of Italy.

Professor Giacomo Grasselli a senior Italian government health official said on Tuesday coronavirus outbreak “was like a bomb that exploded” and warned, the virus spreads “very quickly, like a fire.”

Dr Macchini said, “After thinking for a long time if and what to write about what is happening to us, I felt that the silence was not at all responsible.”

He admitted “the need not to create panic” however, “the message of the danger of what is happening” is not reaching people.

On Tuesday morning, the UK’s deputy chief medical officer Dr Harries has said, the UK will see “many thousands of people” contract coronavirus.

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