Conservative Party conference: Boris Johnson is in serious trouble for his ‘self-serving indulgent behaviour’


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Critics of the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson will be debating his behaviour in an inquest to the Conservative Party conference next week.

A Conservative MP of the 1922 committee said: “There were mutterings within the parliamentary party about him making comments before his speech.

“I think he saved himself by his speech, which showed he still has a huge amount of popularity.

“We will be having a post mortem on Wednesday about all of this. Boris will definitely come up.”

There is much speculation within the party over Johnson’s future, there are whispers from MPs to get 48 backbenchers to write to Sir Graham Brady, the 1922 chairman for Johnsons resignation.

A senior Tory MP said: “Boris Johnson is in serious trouble. A lot of the MPs feels he hijacked the conference. When we get back next week the conversation will take place at the 1922 Committee.

“I wouldn’t underestimate the anger that has been felt towards him. 

“The self-serving indulgent behaviour. We haven’t got a Foreign Secretary at the moment and he didn’t give a speech on foreign affairs.”