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Commuters nervous as people ‘are not keeping two meters’ apart on Tube

by LLB Politics Reporter
11th May 20 10:18 am

Commuters said on Monday that they are “nervous” and “worried” over travelling to work as people are not sticking to social distancing on London’s Underground.

On Sunday the Prime Minister said to the nation that people can go back to work if they cannot work from home and should be “actively encouraged” to return back to their jobs, and should avoid using public transport if possible.

Despite this commuters have expressed their fears, as Peter Osu, 45, said he was returning to work at a construction site for the first time since the lockdown started.

Speaking at Waterloo station, he said, “I am nervous about going back because I have a family and they have been isolating since the start. I feel like I am now putting them at risk.

“People were sitting close together on the Jubilee line and others were having to stand. There was no two-metre spacing. This is the first day, can you imagine what it’s going to look like by the end of the week?

“It is not right at all. I listened to the Prime Minister yesterday and I thought it does not make sense.”

Dr James Wilson, who works at West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, said he is “very nervous” about travelling to work, and concerned how this will change over the coming weeks.

“Based on what we have been seeing in London over the past few weeks about some people not following the rules, I am not sure they will follow the two-metre distancing rule when travelling.

“We have only just got past the peak (of the virus) and I think we need to see a longer period of things being sustained at this level.

“If we stop social distancing, we are going to see it back in three weeks,” he said.

Commuter Gerry Tiernan, said she is “worried” about increased passenger numbers on public tranpost.

She told the PA news agency, “I am surprised at the amount of people who aren’t wearing masks at the moment.

“It has been great travelling when no-one is around, but it is going to get busier now. It’s going to be pure luck as to whether you get it [Covid-19] or not.

“There are signs on the Tube saying ‘Keep two metres apart’ but no-one is doing it. When there are more people, it is going to be terrible.”

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