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Climate change protestors have lost public support says YouGov

by LLB Politics Reporter
18th Apr 19 8:56 am

A YouGov poll suggests that public opinion has now swung against the Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters.

Now in their fourth day of protesting across the capital, the soap dodgers have been causing havoc for commuters, thus far costing more than £12m for retailers and businesses.

Some Londoners have been critical over the methods the protesters have been using, as it has caused a lot of disruption to people’s lives.

The survey conducted by YouGov of 3,561 British adults showed 53% either “somewhat oppose” or “strongly oppose” the climate change protesters action.

Compared with just 36% who “strongly support” or in some way “somewhat support” the protests.

Anouska Stahlmann, 20, said her mother who is ill and elderly grandparents were forced to walk part of their journey, due to the risk of getting stuck in a tunnel while on the Tube.

She said, “I have no issue with wanting to better the environment and we’re fairly conscious of it as a family.

But, “Their methods, however, are seriously flawed and are not inclusive of people who want to support the cause.

“I find it awful they’re disintegrating into a rent-a-mob mentality.”

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