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Choosing a residential construction company in London: Everything you need to know

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17th May 21 1:39 pm

Although the value of land is quite high in London, the quality of the construction, design and material used in building a house on the land makes up the bulk value of any residential property. This means you need a high-quality construction company for your residential building projects. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about residential construction, the importance of high-quality construction, and how it adds value to your property — read on

The quality and reliability of residential construction is imperative: you need to work with the best

Construction projects are complex, and this is especially true in London where residential buildings need to adhere to a vast array of laws, regulations and standards imposed both by property owners and the local and federal authorities. To meet these stringent standards, you need a residential construction company that is fully capable of approaching the complex London scene with professionalism and expertise. You need to look for a company that exemplifies all these qualities if you really want to take your property to the next level.

You need to work with a residential building and renovation company that has been in the business for a long time and has amassed the expertise and skills necessary to get the job done. You next need to look at what they’ve worked on: a plethora of projects from prime property renovations to grade-listing property restorations and luxury building constructions is an example of a portfolio that would ensure the company is competent. A large team filled with talented members with diverse skills from design to construction is necessary to allow a construction company to carry out projects while meeting the highest quality and timeliness standards out there, which is why you preferably need to look through their team and employees and see if they meet these criteria.

Four reasons for seeking quality in your residential constructions

1. Increases property value: as we touched on before, the value of a property is primarily determined by the quality, design, and architecture of the construction. If you purchase prime land in London, it makes financial sense to ensure the building you construct is high-quality. You’ll see an increase in both demand and value for your property.

2. Helps you build a more efficient, comfortable residence: there’s a reason the property will increase in value when you use high-quality construction companies to build your house. This is because, on average, the houses are more stylish, more robust, and more comfortable. You need to look for a company where both its construction workers and designers are trained to ensure the maximum convenience and comfort for their client and their family when building the house.

3. Decreases long-term repair costs: each year, homeowners spend around 2-5% of the total value of their home on repairs for their residential building. This cost adds up over time significantly and might damage your balance sheets by quite a bit. Thanks to a construction company’s meticulous approach and methodological modus operandi, they can build robust, reliable, and long-lasting homes, which hold up over time better and reduce maintenance costs in the long run. You can’t just consider the upfront costs, you need to have a farsighted view of residential construction projects.

4. Helping you sort out legal affairs: when constructing a residential building, you need a swathe of permits that allows you to build the home of your dreams. This is usually a complex process that requires lawyers familiar with the various, intricate laws of London. Hiring a professional London renovation company with years of experience means you’ll deal with professionals who know the legal frameworks and limitations they need to work within to deliver the best construction job. You can visit GBG Builders site to get the job done in a way you have always wanted to.

Criteria to decide whether to use a construction company’s services

  • More than a decade of experience: the company needs to have worked for more than a decade in the highly competitive London construction scene. During this time, they’ve probably not only survived but also managed to thrive as a company due to the quality of the service they offer — if this weren’t the case, you probably wouldn’t have stumbled on them and wanted to research them.
  • Experience with various types of residential building construction: each type of residential building construction requires its own special approach. Building construction jobs are highly complex and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and you need to get in touch with and contact a company that’s honest, straightforward with you and doesn’t pretend there are simple solutions just to sell you a service. The company you hire needs to take a unique, bespoke approach to your project and your needs.
  • Timeliness and care: meeting deadlines is vital for a construction project to be successful. Delays will not only mess up your plans, but they usually mean cost overruns as well. This is why you need a company that has dedicated a considerable amount of time to perfecting their approach knowing how to conclude projects on time.

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