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China’s top diplomat arrives in Moscow for talks which are ‘designed to accelerate the resolution of the crisis’

by LLB political Reporter
20th Feb 23 2:09 pm

China’s top diplomat has arrived for talks in Moscow for talks of a possible peace plan, however according to intelligence sources there are warnings they are in fact “designed to accelerate the resolution of the crisis.”

A senior US state department official said that Beijing is trying to “have it both ways” by claiming they want to hold peace negotiations and at the same time China are talking “concerning” steps as the poised to send “lethal support” to Moscow.

According to the Russian-based Kommersant newspaper, China’s diplomat Wang Yi travelled to Moscow and “The main purpose of his trip is to increase the role of Beijing in the Ukrainian settlement.”

The West are growing concerned that Beijing could be about to send military assistance by providing “lethal weaponry” to Moscow which will be used in Ukraine.

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Downing Street has warned China over providing deadly weaponry to Vladimir Putin and “expect” Beijing to “stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

Rishi Sunak’s spokesman said, “I obviously can’t get into intelligence. But certainly the UK and US share assessments regularly, as you would expect.

“On this specific issue, any support for Putin’s brutal and illegal war against Ukraine is deplorable.

“We expect China to stand up for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The British Foreign Affairs committee chairwoman Alicia Kearns took a swipe at China’s Foreign Minister, over Wang Yi’s claims that Ukraine and China are “strategic partners”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry official Hua Chunying tweeted, “Wang Yi met with Ukrainian FM Kuleba. Wang noted that China and Ukraine are strategic partners.

“On the Ukraine crisis, China has been on the side of dialogue and sought to promote peace talks.”

However, the Tory MP for Rutland and Melton said, “Apologies for the confusion, is China: A) a Strategic Partner of Ukraine? OR B) a Strategic Partner without Limits, of Russia?

“I may be misunderstanding how the two can be true at once, my apologies.”

US intelligence suggests that China could be on the brink of “sending arms to Russia” and the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned Beijing this will have “serious consequences.”

Blinken told NBC, “There are various kinds of lethal assistance that they are at least contemplating providing, to include weapons.”

The Chinese Ministry warned, “If the US insists on taking advantage of the issue, escalating the hype, and expanding the situation, China will follow through to the end, and the US will bear all the consequences.”

Blinken told CBS after meeting his counterpart, Chinese foreign affairs minister Wang Yi, Munich Security Conference in Germany that the US are worried.

He said, “There’s a whole gamut of things that fit in that category, everything from ammunition to the weapons themselves.”

Blinken added, “We have seen them provide non-lethal support to Russia for use in Ukraine.

“The concern that we have now is based on information we have that they’re considering providing lethal support, and we’ve made very clear to them that that would cause a serious problem for us and in our relationship.”

China’s diplomat Wang Yi said that NATO have been sending various types of lethal support to Ukraine since Russia’s invasion.

He pointed out, “I suggest that everybody starts to think calmly, especially friends in Europe, about what kind of efforts we can make to stop this war.”

Wang Yi added that there are those in Europe and the West who “seemingly don’t want negotiations to succeed, or for the war to end soon.”

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