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The UK must be prepared for nuclear war should Moscow win as Britain warned Putin will ‘point’ his ‘nuclear missiles at London’

by LLB political Reporter
19th Feb 23 3:34 pm

The UK has been warned that they must be prepared for a nuclear if Moscow wins in Ukraine as Vladimir Putin will “point” his “nuclear missiles at London” and other countries.

Financier Bill Browder who is the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, who was once an investor in Russia said that a victory for Putin could be devastating for Europe and other nations.

Browder said that an all out war must be avoided and that the West must ensure Russia is defeated and give Ukraine what they need to succeed.

He wrote in the Mail on Sunday, “If Russia wins, this won’t be the end of Putin’s military adventures. I promise you this.

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“The next stop will be Estonia, Lithuania or Poland.

“He’ll point his guns at these countries and his nuclear missiles at London, Berlin, and Washington.

“He’ll laugh as our politicians and pundits go on TV and descend into endless sniping about the merits of risking millions of lives and countless treasure to engage in an all-out war with Russia.”

The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Saturday that the UK will support NATO allies if they will send “fighter jets to Ukraine now,” following numerous requests from Kyiv for F-16s.

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference Sunak said that UK and Western nations are supporting Ukraine with “advanced air defence systems.”

Sunak told delegates at the conference, “Together we must help Ukraine to shield its cities from Russian bombs and Iranian drones.

“Of course, the United Kingdom stands ready to help any country provide planes that Ukraine can use today.

“But we must also train Ukrainian pilots to use the most advanced jets.”

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the UK’s Defence Committee said, “Good to see PM here at the Munich Security Conference confirming UK’s continued commitment to Ukraine.

“Clear appreciation here for what UK has done to date.

“The biggest risk to European long-term security and prosperity is Putin winning.”

The German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius told the conference that at all cost Putin must be defeated because this will “only be the beginning.”

Pistorius said, “I made clear: Ukraine must win this war.”

The German Defence Minister then warned, “Russia is waging a brutal war of aggression and conquest against Ukraine, and if Putin had his way, this would only be the beginning.”

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