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Chicken nuggets found in McDonalds veggie wraps

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Jan 19 5:06 pm

Fast food chain, McDonalds has been selling vegetarian customers who bought pesto vegetarian goujon wraps, chicken nuggets instead. This has been reported across the UK and twitter the last couple of weeks.

One customer said on Twitter, on 12 January, “@McDonalds I ordered a spicy veggie wrap from one of your stores and thanks to the sheer incompetency of some of your staff I’ve been given chicken. I’ve been veggie my whole life and this has literally put me in tears as I ingested part of this wrap thinking it was veggie.”

Another customer said on twitter, on 15 January, “Hi @McDonalds just ordered the veggie wrap from your store in Byker, turns out you gave me chicken!!!!!! This is disgraceful I’m fuming was so looking forward to this!!! I’m a strict vegetarian and just took a mouthful of chicken, thanks a lot. #Veganuary @watchdog”


Rebecca Butcher who bought a vegetarian wrap on 22 January told Newsbeat, “I wanted to wait a little while because I saw people, I knew posting that they’d had chicken in their veggie wrap.

“I gave it a bit of time so it hopefully wouldn’t happen to me. I was kind of shocked that weeks later, they’re still getting wrong.”

“I just felt kinda disgusted.”

A spokesperson for McDonalds said to Newsbeat, “We have a number of procedures in place to avoid inaccurate orders, and that, after we saw that mistakes were being made, we introduced a number of additional measures in our kitchens and communicated with all stores to reduce inaccuracies quickly and effectively.

“We are disappointed that mistakes are still being made. We never want to disappoint customers, and any inaccuracy is not good enough.”

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