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Chechen rebels are fighting ‘house to house’ in Ukraine and vows to ‘end’ those who don’t surrender

19th Mar 22 2:18 pm

Chechen Special Forces are fighting “house to house” in the besieged city of Mariupol as Vladimir Putin’s close ally, warlord Ramazan Kadyrov entered the Ukraine this week.

Kadyrov put a video on Telegram which shows footage of heavily armed Chechen rebels opening fire on a block of flats with whas looks like Ukrainian forces returning fire.

The Chechen warlord backs Putin’s invasion is also known as “Vladimir Putin’s attack dog” claims he has thousands of fighters in what he describes as “the special operation of denazification and demilitarisation of Ukraine.”

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Mayor Vadym Boichenko of Mariupol told the BBC “there’s no city left” with no “small piece of land that doesn’t have signs of war.”

There is currently more than 350,000 residents sheltering in Mariupol who have no access to water or food and the city is almost surrounded by thousands of Russian and Chechen troops.

Two weeks ago Major General Kadryrov who is the leader of Chechnya and also in the Russian National Guard asked Putin to allow his forces to unleash heavy bombardment in Ukraine.

He strongly urged Vlad the invader to bomb the Ukraine into submission to prevent more Russian soldiers being killed in action as their military tactics are also too soft.

In a message to Putin Major General Kadryrov said, “Comrade President, Comrade Supreme Commander – I have said multiple times that I am your humble footman, that I am ready to give my life for you.

“But I cannot keep looking at my – and our – fighters dying, our defence ministry forces, national guards and others…

“I am strongly asking you to shut your eyes to everything, and allow us to finish it all within a day or two.

“Only this will save our state and our people, this is my strong belief.”

The Chechen leader told the Kremlin to stop the “useless” negotiations as they are “no good.”

“All these negotiations are useless, the longer we wait, the more sanctions they produce,” he said.

“All these papers, negotiations are no good.. they can shove these papers up where they want to.

“As a fighter, as a general, I cannot watch our fighters getting killed not in a fight but while waiting, from shooting by these devils, these Bandera people, these Nazis.

“I am sure that you will make the right decision and order to completely take Ukraine, and to destroy these demons.

“The people of Ukraine will stand next to us against these devils.”

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