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Putin sends in Chechen soldiers and Wagner group mercenaries who are paid $2,000 a day to capture Kyiv

10th Mar 22 12:39 pm

Vladimir Putin has sent in a shadowy private military mercenary group into Ukraine with Chechen soldiers to capture Kyiv.

The Kremlin funded mercenaries who are paid $2,000 a day have been sent in as Russian forces are “struggling to assemble” enough troops to capture Kyiv, a defence analyst has said.

Chechnya’s warlord Ramzan Kadyrov has also been sent in with his deadly army are now in control of villages in the north west of Kyiv.

Kadyrov is part of Putin’s inner circle warned that he has thousands more Chechen troops ready to be sent to the front line in Ukraine.

This has been confirmed by the Ukrainian Genera Staff who believe the Wagner group and Chechen soldiers will start a renewed push on the capital.

the Institute for the Study of War, a US-based defence think tank wrote a report and said that for Putin to use Chechen fighters and mercenaries “in addition to conventional military units to lead an assault is unusual.”

The report added, “It likely indicates that the Russian military is struggling to amass sufficient combat power on this axis from the available conventional military units.

“Observed and reported casualties among Russian mechanized and airborne forces in the vicinity of northwestern Kyiv Oblast have been very high, and various reports suggest that the morale and combat effectiveness of the remaining conventional forces there are low.”

It was reported on Tuesday that Chechen troops had occupied the village of Katyuzhanka, which is around 40 miles north of the Ukrainian capital.

An eyewitness told the Times newspaper, “The Chechen fighters arrived in our village, streaming in on armoured vehicles.

“They started seizing our houses, evicting families at gunpoint, rounding them up and forcing them into the local school, where they have to sleep on the cold, concrete floor.

“In exchange for each house, the fighters hand out a loaf of bread.”

Philip Ingram who is a former Colonel in British military intelligence, said Putin had “failed to achieve any of the objectives I would have anticipated him to achieve by now.”

He warned the “traditional method for Russia is to become much more violent” as a consequence.

Ingram added, “Bringing in Chechens and the promoting of it may be as much about information operation as military capability.

“They are supposed to be these big scary murderers and scaring the local population into surrendering is what Putin is now hoping for.”

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