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Casino Trends Predicted for 2020

by John Saunders
9th Jan 20 10:20 am

The casino industry is one of the UK’s booming sectors, with the Gambling Commission estimating its worth at around £5 billion. As the rise of online casinos continues, operators throughout the country are continuously trying to improve their user experience, wanting to keep up with the latest gambling trends popular with online users.

With operators quick to tailor their sites to the wants of the online gambling community, 2020 may be set to see some exciting trends. Further to our recent piece on casino trends, we take our spin on other trends that are predicted for 2020:

  • Focus on the mobile
  • Rise of female gamblers
  • More payment options
  • Increased social aspect

If these trends continue to rise throughout 2020, the gambling industry could see a significant rise in inclusivity and accessibility, accommodating for a wider audience of users and their preferences.

Focus on the mobile

With mobile browsing being the number one choice for players throughout the country, operators are having to ensure their sites are fully compatible with mobile devices. As mobile browsing continues to dominate the way users access games, it is easy to see how operators will continue to focus on making their platforms compatible for mobile devices and moving away from land-based casinos.

Rise of female gamblers

In the past, the gambling industry has been thought of as very heavily male-dominated. However, with the rise in female gamblers, this gender imbalance amongst users is beginning to change. Alongside this rise in gender diversity, operators are now altering their platforms to attract both men and women.

With this rise in female presence, 2020 could see the industry becoming significantly more diverse and gender-neutral, helping to improve inclusivity in a previously male-dominated sector.

More payment options

More and more companies are introducing innovative new ways for consumers to pay, helping to make purchases safer and more convenient. As with many other industries, the gambling sector is having to keep up with this increasing amount of new payment options available on the UK market.

With new payment methods and financial technologies only expected to rise in the next year, 2020 may also see online casino operators accepting an increasing amount of new payment methods, such as new e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Increased social aspect

Social features on operators’ sites have been popular amongst users, online gamblers frequently playing games in which they can interact with other users either on leader boards or in multi-player games. 2020 could potentially see a rise in the social aspects of these online casinos, which may help to enhance user experience.

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Whilst the true extent of what 2020 will bring to the UK’s gambling industry is unknown, what we can hope to see is a boost in inclusivity, sociability and accessibility, overall making the sector a more accommodating place for users throughout the country.

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