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Watch for these casino trends in 2020

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13th Dec 19 10:03 am

It may come as no surprise that gambling, both online and in-house casinos, is a multi-billion dollar industry. For years, brick and mortar casinos were the most popular ways to gamble, and even less than a few years ago, fewer than 5 percent of regular gamblers said that they played at online casinos. In 2020, we can continue to expect an increase in interest in online casinos.

Let’s see what else to expect in the gambling industry for 2020.

Game changes at in-house casinos

Even though online casinos are expected to increase in popularity, we’re not saying good-bye to brick and mortar casinos. In the world of gamblers, there are three types of gamblers: those who are hardcore in-house fans, avid online gamblers, and those who gamble whenever or wherever.

If you like to sit at a classic slot machine or an old school blackjack table, you are likely to have still these offered at your favorite brick and mortar casino, but don’t be surprised if you see new types of games popping. Not only is change good, but casinos are trying to cater to millennials in hopes of helping them become more interested in casinos. So, we’re likely to see more skills-based games and even eSports events taking over the casino.

More online casinos accepting cryptocurrency

While there are plenty of changes slated for brick and mortar casinos, the majority of trends we’ll see in 2020 will take place at online casinos. If you’re a regular online gambler, you may have already noticed that your favorite online casino now accepts Bitcoin.

More online casinos are getting on board with accepting cryptocurrency, and this is great news for players who prefer to play anonymously. It also adds another layer of protection for players and the online casino.

Improving cross-platforming

Whether you’re an online gambler, or just love gaming in general, 2020 promises improved cross-platforming to ensure a more streamlined and uninterrupted playing experience. How many times have you logged into your favorite online casino on your PC at home but didn’t want to quit trying your luck while you ride the bus on the way to work? Cross-platforming is great news for all types of gamers and may very likely draw more people to online casinos.

Access to education

To many people, the gambling world may seem full of secrets and luck. Either you know how to play, or you don’t, but don’t ask any “big players” for winning tips. While most casinos aren’t going to offer helpful tips to improve your chances of winning willingly, many top-rated online casinos offer online casino education.

Why not learn all about the game before you dive in and play? Have you always wanted to know about sports betting but didn’t know who to ask? More access to high-quality gambling education is something to take note of in 2020.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is hardly new to the tech world, but there’s a solid chance that we’ll have more opportunities to try out our VR headsets at online casinos. VR online casinos offer the best of both worlds: ultra-realistic experiences with leaving the comfort of your home. Definitely a win-win for 2020.

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