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Calls for delivery drivers to use bus lanes over Christmas

by LLB Reporter
7th Dec 23 5:06 am

Christmas gifts arriving late could be a thing of the past if a new proposal to allow delivery vans to use bus lanes during December is rolled out.

Motoring experts at LeaseVan are calling for delivery van drivers to be allowed full use of bus lanes to manage the mass demand for Christmas gifts.

Over 130 million parcels containing gifts are sent each year meaning delivery drivers will be working relentlessly to deliver them on time.

That’s why motoring experts are campaigning for delivery vans to be able to use bus lanes as a solution to getting presents delivered on time and ease some of the traffic on the roads.

Suspending fines for delivery van drivers using bus lanes in December is seen by the experts as a potential solution to the annual issue of late Christmas gift arrivals.

The bus lane penalty charge is around £70 in most areas of the UK and up to £160 in Greater London.

Experts want all delivery vans to be exempt from fines for using bus lanes throughout December.

Easing the restrictions on bus lanes for delivery vans will also help to ease congestion for other road users over the holidays.

Tim Alcock, from LeaseVan, said: “December may be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but for delivery drivers, it’s a thing of nightmares.

“Unsurprisingly, over 130 million parcels containing gifts are sent each year, meaning delivery drivers are going to be up to their neck in getting them to doorsteps in time.

“That’s why we wanted to find a solution to help ease the pressure on delivery drivers while making it easier for customers to have their orders more quickly.

“Having bus lanes available will help separate delivery vans from typical ongoing traffic so they can easily drive through busy streets and avoid disappointing customers.

“We want the delivery van drivers to be exempt from fines when driving in bus lanes, so they can use them all day, every day, throughout the entire month of December to get parcels delivered.

“It will also ease the flow of traffic making it easier for drivers travelling home for Christmas.

“We believe this should be trialled throughout December and if the scheme turns out to be a success, then it can be an annual tradition.

“Making this small change to bus lane rules could be the solution to getting  millions of Christmas presents on doorsteps in time.”

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