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Cabinet ministers warn we are heading toward a General Election

by LLB Reporter
16th Jan 19 1:02 pm

After Theresa May’s devastating defeat by 230 Brexit votes last night, cabinet ministers have warned today, that a general election is “on the way,” due to the government being unable to control the House of Commons timetable and legislation.

May’s government is further at risk, as a former minister said, “If Parliament gives an instruction that the executive is unwilling to accept, the outcome could well be a general election.”

Andrea Leadsom the Commons leader spoke about if May should win a vote of confidence on BBC Radio 4’s today programme, “The prime minister will then not necessarily be looking for new ideas that no one has thought of before,  but actually seeking a consensus, a fresh initiative to find a solution that is negotiable with the European Union and that would command a majority in the House of Commons.”

“The prime minister has been clear that she wants to talk to senior parliamentarians about what would command a majority and that is what we will be doing over the coming days.”

Speaking on the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn Leadsom said Corbyn will need to come forward with constructive proposals, “I don’t think she has written him off at all but he needs to come to the table and tell us what he wants to do.”

However, Corbyn has tabled a motion of no confidence, this vote will be held at 7pm today. Corbyn unlike the Conservative party has no limit to the number of time he is allowed to bring a no confidence vote.

During today’s prime minister question time in parliament Corbyn told May during a face off that, “with every other previous prime minister faced with the scale of defeat last night they would have resigned and the people will have been able to choose the government the want.”

The former head of the civil service, Lord O’Donnell said, “Even though the expectation is that the government will win, they need to be ready for that period where if that motion is carried, then there is 14 days to think about trying to form another government.”


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