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Business opportunities for Canadian citizens in the UK

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5th Oct 21 1:15 pm

Are you a Canadian willing to move to the United Kingdom to establish your business network? There’s good news for you. If you own a valid Canadian passport, you can work in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There are mainly three methods of doing it. 

Let’s dive into them to determine what’s meant for you and what’s not.

Three ways to work in the UK as a Canadian

First thing first, if you want to stay or work in the United Kingdom, you need a visa. As a Canadian, there are three types of Visas available for you. Visa is actually the legal permit of staying in a country over an extended period of time. Here are these:

  1. Youth mobility scheme visa
  2. General work visa
  3. Ancestry visa

Conversely, if you want to get permanent citizenship of Canada as a UK citizen, do apply for a citizenship test. Make sure to prepare Canada citizenship test questions properly to ace them in your first attempt. If you want to get a Canadian visa without any hassle, this writing is meant for you. 

Now, let’s unveil the visas mentioned above to know what they offer you as a Canadian:

Youth mobility scheme visa

This visa is a part of the Canadian government’s initiative called International Experience Canada. Under this program, Canadian youth can live and work in over 30 countries. This program is a mutual agreement between the UK and Canada that allows citizens of both countries to visit and work in another country. It’s limited for youth only— governments have imposed an age bar of 18 to 30 years. It starts with your 18th birthday and lasts till 31st birthday— in case you are already living in the UK and your 31st birthday has passed, you can still work there till the expiration of your visa. 

Under this visa, you can work in the UK in almost all jobs— except a few doctors, dentists in training. You can only get Youth Mobility visa once in your lifetime, and you can enjoy as many entries or exits as you want. Even Canadian students can also work under this visa during the summertime. In addition, you can study a lot of courses in the UK except a very few. 

Work visa

This visa is a bit tricky as it involves points that depend upon age, sponsor employer, bank balance, qualifications, skills, level of English and a few others. If you are coming from a French-speaking area of Canada, the level of English can also offer you a hurdle. Previously, there were two tiers of it. Nowadays, tier one, which was meant for the highly skilled person, isn’t available anymore. 

You can still avail a tier two general work visa as a Canadian as long as you have a sponsorship certificate from an employer listed as the licensed sponsor. It costs about 464 to 1220 euros depending upon multiple factors like family and residence. Make sure to check for post-Brexit terms between UK and Canada

Ancestry visa

You can only enjoy this visa if your grandparents were born in United Kingdom (or in Ireland till 1922). For this, you must need to provide proper evidence of their birthplace and your relation with them. If any of these documents are in French, make sure to get them translated from a certified translator before applying for this visa. 

It’s valid for five years at an initial cost of 516 euros, but later, you can extend it for permanent residence in the UK.

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