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Business insights to transform productivity

20th Jun 18 9:50 am


Streamlining processes for greater efficiency


The current productivity crisis stretches on, leaving business leaders unclear on how to push forward.

While constant growth is not possible within a closed system, there are smart ways to increase your yield – from streamlining processes for greater efficiency, to forging out entirely new pathways via disruptive innovation.

Plan projects with intelligence

All organisations strive for strong productivity, but if your business needs real transformation, this needs to be treated as a project in itself.

Concise planning makes projects more likely to succeed. Your plan to increase productivity is no different, and working along a linear strategy sets good habits, by encouraging efficient use of resources and a productive relationship between action and delivery.

Many resources are designed specifically to help businesses with this task – like Project Roadmap templates, which set the structure you need for success along multiple workstreams.

Not only can project planning templates transform your immediate project – they can also help you to stay on-track, micromanaging the productivity of teams and employees well into the future.

Use technology for efficient

Business owners have been using technology to overhaul productivity for centuries. Sometimes, old wisdom can have useful applications in the modern world.

The new industrial revolution is a far cry from Victorian workhouses – modern technology is clean, sleek, and often comes in software form.

Digital technologies and automation offer great opportunities for your business, but you need the ambition and management skills to properly utilise them. Start by introducing efficiency-boosting software and collaborating tools, or try automating aspects of your day-to-day administration.


Understand advanced analytics

Making smart decisions to shape productivity requires data – and for this, you need the latest business analytics tools.

As with any business purchase, you need the knowledge to make the most of business intelligence software.

The solution is to hire smart – sourcing employees who can make the most of cutting-edge analytics. If this approach is out of reach, affordable online courses can bring your workforce up to speed in just a few months.

Then, analyse the raw data to get to grips with your productivity challenges.


Question your internal processes

If your business productivity isn’t where you’d like it to be, it’s important to take a step back and look at your business operations with a critical eye.

Every organisation falls into habits over time, but these are not necessarily the best way to do business. Look at your processes from the viewpoint of a potential investor, keeping in mind the overall business vision.

If you spend time working towards goals that don’t line up with this vision, it’s time for a rethink. Eliminate wasteful processes, and you can invest more time in what really matters.


Plan for continuous improvement

Improving productivity is an ongoing task, and although you’ll need to measure the success of an immediate project, you’ll also need a plan for continuous improvement.

Assess the competition, and take a step-by-step approach, visualising where you’d like to be in five or ten years’ time. Design your ideal business structure, taking account of any technological infrastructure you’d like to own.



Though optimal business productivity is often achieved through effective operational management and internal insights, the other crucial ingredient is innovation.

To get ahead and stay ahead, your employees must be constantly thinking about ways your products and services can disrupt existing markets. Profit and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

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