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Brr… Guy Fawkes Night could be the coldest night of the year

by LLB Editor
5th Nov 14 10:44 am

Before you venture out to ooh and aah at fireworks tonight, remember remember that Wednesday night could be coldest of the year so far.

Yep, that’s right. Temperatures could be as low as -8C, as England, Wales and Scotland are expected to see clear skies.

According to weather experts, temperatures will be around 1-2C in built up areas and could drop to zero in exposed areas.

Leon Brown, from the Weather Channel, said: “It still looks like we are due a widespread frost for Bonfire night, with clearing skies and light winds, for those planning a bonfire expect temperatures to plummet during the evening.

“It will be not far from 0C by 10pm in the Midlands and Wales, and below zero by mid-evening over northern England and central Scotland.

“The coldest places will likely be the eastern Highlands, but temperatures could dip to minus 4 or 5C in frost hollows in east Wales to central and southern England too, making it the coldest night so far this autumn.”

Nicola Maxey, from the Met Office, said: “It’s a fairly typical November night, with pretty normal temperatures. But because we have had such a mild autumn, it might catch a few people by surprise.

“There will be cloud and showers in the South-East on Wednesday, many others will be clear and in some places will see the first frosts of the season.”

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