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Brits look to growing their income through ‘investments in stocks and other commodities’

by LLB Finance Reporter
7th Aug 23 10:52 am

As the cost-of-living crisis continues and shows no signs of ending, search volume data has shown that more and more Brits are interested in turning to other ways of growing their income through investments in stocks and other commodities.

The team at Investing Reviews has analysed search volume data across the UK to pinpoint which areas are most interested in investing and what they want to invest in.

A variety of the most popular investment-related search terms were taken for search volumes to be measured to see which parts of the UK are most interested in investing their money and the different forms of investment each city prefers. 

The areas of the UK that are the most interested in turning to investing amid the cost-of-living crisis are as follows:

Walsall ranks as the area with the highest interest in investing their money across the UK with 1,274 average monthly searches for investment related terms per 100K residents. Walsall residents primarily have an interest in investing in property to enhance their income.

The top two terms are ‘property to invest’ and ‘invest in property.’ The third most common investment-related search term is ‘Fidelity UK’, Fidelity UK is a company which provides investment management services, allowing investors to invest in shares while also providing guidelines on investing for beginners, showing an appetite from Walsall residents to invest in stocks. 

Edinburgh ranks second on the list with an average monthly search volume of 1,274 per 100K for investment related terms. Edinburgh is highly interested in investing in stocks, with the highest searches for ‘invest in stocks’ out of any UK area. The second and third  highest searches made by Edinburgh residents are for ‘index funds to invest in’ and ‘invest in index funds.’

Hereford has a total average monthly search volume of 1,244 per 100K residents for investment-related terms; the highest of the investment search terms is for the platform ‘eToro’.

eToro UK is a day trading platform, day trading platforms are a popular investment and trading strategy for many investors in the UK, easily accessible, and most day trading platforms have apps you can access on your mobile phone. Day trading involves buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks and then selling and closing positions on them in the afternoon.  

Inverness has an average monthly search volume of 1,219 searches for investment related search terms per 100K residents. The highest search-related term from the people of Inverness again is ‘Fidelity UK.’ This again tells us that buying stocks is a popular investment strategy. Inverness residents are also keen to learn how to invest and improve their investment strategies with the next two popular terms being ‘how to invest’ and ‘bonds to invest in’.

Bath ranks fifth on the list and is another UK city highly interested in day trading platforms, with the top two search terms being ‘Fidelity UK’ and ‘eToro UK’. The third most searched term is ‘day trading’ showing a clear interest from Bath residents in day trading with these platforms. Overall, Bath residents search for investment related terms at a rate 1,170 monthly searches per 100K residents.

Wrexham places sixth on the list with 1,112 average monthly searches per 100K residents with the top search term being ‘Fidelity UK’, again showing an interest in shares and funds, this is also supported by the second most searched term which is ‘Hargreaves Lansdown UK’. Both of these companies provide professionals to invest your money, showing that Wrexham is seeking support when it comes to managing and investing their money. The third most searched investment term is ‘invest in property’ showing some interest in developing a property portfolio. 

Chester places seventh on the list with 1,022 average investment-related monthly searches per 100K. Chester residents have similar investment interests with the residents of Wrexham with the top three investment-related search terms being ‘Fidelity UK’, ‘Hargreaves Lansdown UK’ and ‘Investment in property’ respectively.

Salford, located in Greater Manchester ranks eighth on this list with 990 average monthly searches per 100K residents for investment terms. Those from Salford are primarily interested in property investments, with the top two investment related search terms being ‘property to invest in’ and ‘invest in property’. The third most popular search-related term is ‘Fidelity UK’ again displaying its popularity across the UK.

Mansfield is the area in the UK with the ninth highest rate of interest in investing during the cost-of-living crisis with 970 average monthly searches for investment terms per 100K residents. Mansfield residents are primarily interested in ‘Fidelity UK’ and ‘eToro UK’ as the top two investment related search terms. Mansfield residents also have an interest in property investment, with ‘property to invest in’ being the third most searched investment term. 

Wigan ranks as the 10th most interested area in investing, with 933 average monthly searches per 100K residents. Wigan residents are primarily interested in day trading, with ‘day trading’ being the most popular investment related search term. The next two most popular investment related search terms are regarding property investment showing there is still a keen investment in that aspect as well. 

Simon Jones, CEO of Investing Reviews, has commented on the findings “It is interesting to find out what investments Britons residents are seeking to make, especially during the cost-of-living crisis. With mortgage payments at an all-time high and the generally increasing living cost, British people may be seeking extra incomes; we can see this through the data with day trading platform searches ranking high.

Brits are also seeking out new knowledge and skills on investing with “how to invest” or “invest in stocks” searches also ranking highly on the list.”

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