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Brits are being urged to ‘decrease our social contacts’ this winter as more Omicron cases found in the UK

by LLB staff reporter
30th Nov 21 9:19 am

Three more Omicron cases have been found in Scotland taking the total to nine with the UK’s total to 14.

The Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf told BBC Good Morning Scotland, “There’s nothing that indicates these cases or this new variant has come via the rugby or Cop26 but that work of course is still ongoing.”

The head of the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has said people should change their behaviour this winter.

In the wake of the Omicron variant’s emergence people are being urged to decrease their “social contacts a little bit” as the new variant is more “highly transmissible.”

Dr Jenny Harries told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that even if our “vaccines appear to be effective, but we find that the variant is more highly transmissible, having lowish grade infection, but in very large numbers of the population, [it] could still be a significant impact on our hospitals.

“And of course, our behaviours in winter and particularly around Christmas we tend to socialise more so I think all of those will need to be taken into account.”

Dr Harries was asked about working from home, she said, “We’ve seen that not everybody has gone back to work and I’d like to think of it more in a general way, which is if we all decrease our social contacts a little bit, actually that helps to keep the variant at bay.

“So I think being careful, not socialising when we don’t particularly need to and particularly going and getting those booster jabs which, of course, people will now be able to have at a three-month interval from their primary course.”

However, immunologist Professor Paul Moss told Sky’s Kay Burley, “I don’t think we need to worry too much” over the possibility of another lost Christmas.

Professor Moss said that scientists need at least three weeks to assess the severity of the new variant.

“We’ll know a lot more before Christmas,” he said.

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