Home Business News BREAKING: Top European court rules Uber is a ‘transport service’

BREAKING: Top European court rules Uber is a ‘transport service’

20th Dec 17 9:45 am

Uber faces tougher regulation across EU’s 28 member states

In a landmark judgment that could have wide-ranging implications on how Uber operates across EU, Europe’s top court European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled today that the tech firm is a taxi service and can be regulated like other transport firms .

Uber had labelled itself an “information society service” that merely connects drivers with passengers through an app. The ECJ has rejected that argument.

he Luxembourg court said that a service whose purpose was “to connect, by means of a smartphone application and for remuneration, non-professional drivers using their own vehicle with persons who wish to make urban journeys” must be legally classified as a transport service.

“As EU law currently stands, it is for the member states to regulate the conditions under which such services are to be provided in conformity with the general rules of the treaty on the functioning of the EU,” the judgment read.#

The judgment is final and cannot be appealed.

Just months ago, the tech giant was refused to renew its licence in London after TfL had found the firm not “fit and proper” to run a taxi service.

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