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Borodyanka devastation is ‘significantly more dreadful’ than the ‘Bucha massacre’ President Zelensky warns

by LLB political Reporter
8th Apr 22 12:58 pm

President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that the Ukrainian town of Borodyanka has suffered “significantly more dreadful” devastation by Russian forces than the “Bucha massacre.”

There is “evidence of war crimes at every turn” and Russian troops have been accused of executing innocent civilians in the town of Bucha before they fled on 30 March.

President Zelensky warned, “It’s significantly more dreadful there. Even more victims from the Russian occupiers.

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“And what will happen when the world learns the whole truth about what the Russian military did in Mariupol?

“There, on almost every street, is what the world saw in Bucha and other towns in the Kyiv region after the withdrawal of Russian troops.”

The Ukrainian Parliament wrote in a tweet, “The destruction in Borodyanka was considered even worse than in Irpen and Bucha.

“The world will soon learn about the atrocities of the occupiers there, but now only one thing is clear – the village in ruins.

“Of the 29 high-rise buildings, 21 were damaged, eight of them were completely destroyed.

“Rescuers have been dismantling the debris for several days now, so the horrific finds will soon be known to everyone.”

Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, said on Thursday that rescue workers recovered 26 bodies from “the rubble” of two destroyed apartment buildings in Borodyanka.

“Just in the rubble of two apartment blocks, 26 bodies were recovered,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Only the civilian population was targeted: there is no military site here,’ she said, adding it was ‘impossible to predict’ how many more bodies would be found.

She also claimed that the Russians have used cluster bombs and heavy multiple rocket launchers “that bring death and destruction,”

She added that there is “Evidence of the Russian forces war crimes is at every turn.”

“The enemy treacherously shelled residential infrastructure in the evenings, when there was a maximum amount of people home.”

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