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Boris Johnson called a ‘charlatan a ‘narcissist’ and a ‘liar’ by emotional bereaved dad

by LLB political Reporter
28th May 21 11:42 am

An emotional father called the Prime Minister a “charlatan” and “liar” which is the reason “why my daughter is dead.”

John called LBC and brought the host to tears on Thursday when he described how he lost his daughter in March last year, and said he still desperately needs answers.

John told LBC’s presenter James O’Brian that he watched Dominic Cummings on TV giving evidence to MPs on Wednesday.

The caller blasted Boris Johnson’s handling of the pandemic and said what Cummings evidence confirmed to him is that the PM never took this seriously, which is “why my daughter is dead.”

The presenter who was holding back tears, said to John, “I bet you were a brilliant dad.”

An emotional John said, “She was 56 years old, she was a bundle of fun. I called her Little Chief and she called me Big Chief… she was just the loveliest person in the world and she didn’t deserve it.

“None of these people deserved it. At a time of crisis when we desperately needed a really serious politician in charge of Downing Street, we sadly finished up with a charlatan and a narcissist and a liar and that’s why my daughter is dead.”

John added, “I feel for all of these families, every single family, my heart goes out to them and when I see it every day and people turn around and say it’s only nine dead today.

“That’s somebody’s loved one, it’s not only two, it’s not only nine, it’s not only one. It’s somebody’s loved one that’s died.

“People are in pain and people should remember that the next time they go to put their cross in a box in a polling station, because this man isn’t fit to run the country.”

John explained listened to Cummings giving evidence for so long, he said, “Nine hours is nothing, I desperately needed the answers and for me, he gave me the answers yesterday.

“And the simple answer is by Johnson’s actions, by his refusal to accept the seriousness of the pandemic… he took his finger out of that dyke.”

The LBC presenter said, “You are reduced to a vengeful, vendetta driven former senior adviser giving vitriolic testimony to a select committee to get answers to the most profound and the most powerful questions of your life.’

John blasted Minister’s and said their constant focus on vaccinations as a distraction in answering the question.

He said, “The one thing that came out of yesterday… more than anything else is the absolute need for an inquiry now, not in a year’s time… because at the end of the day one thing we all know in our hearts is that the lunatics are running the asylum at the moment.

“The fact of the matter is we could have another bloody pandemic at the end of this month, we can’t afford to wait another year.”

James tweeted after the call, “This call completely broke me. I will remember John and Rosie as long as I live.”

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