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Boris accused of thinking he is ‘above the law, above the rules’ that he and his ‘incompetent government’ made during Covid

by LLB political Reporter
22nd Mar 23 3:30 pm

Boris Johnson has come under fire yet again over his so called defence of Partygate and has been accused of a sense of “entitlement.”

Voters and families who lost loved ones during the pandemic have slammed Johnson over his defence that “he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong” which “beggars belief.”

On Tuesday the former Prime Minister admitted that he had “mis led” parliament, but also insisted that the Covid rules were followed, despite photographs showing that he was drinking at an event in Downing Street.

He denied that he had deliberately broken the rules and insisted that he acted “in good faith” after receiving advice from his senior team at the time.

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A member of the public accused Johnson of being a “privileged person” who did not make sacrifices that millions were forced to during the lockdown periods of the pandemic.

Sandra Lambie, from Paisley, said: “You are a privileged person, you received privileged care while having Covid.

“My father did not receive the same treatment and passed away in hospital alone, while we made sacrifices asked of us, you did not. You actually risked spreading this dangerous virus around by your sense of entitlement, by thinking that you were above the law, above the rules made by you and your incompetent government.

“Too busy partying to even consider what was happening to our care home residents, care home staff, our nurses and doctors, who already saved your life during your hospital stay for Covid. You are not fit to serve us, you are not fit for any part in our government.”

Retired nurse Sue Shrapnell, who lives in Mr Johnson’s Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency blasted the former Prime Minister saying it is “beggars belief” he claims he did not know the rules.

She said, “How can he possibly claim that he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong when he was the one making the rules? It beggars belief, it’s absolutely impossible that he didn’t know.

“You would have to be very stupid not to know that what was going on was against the rules, and Boris Johnson is a foolish man, but he isn’t a stupid man.

“I also worry that it will affect public health in future: why should people do as they’re told, when they know that these people in positions of power and responsibility were just doing whatever they wanted, while they expected the rest of us to follow the rules?

“As a constituent, I feel there’s no point going to Boris Johnson with anything because he’s proven how untrustworthy he is – he has broken the trust that I feel I should be able to have in my constituency MP.”

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