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Boost for Boris from YouGov poll

18th Jan 12 11:28 am

A YouGov poll for The Sun shows the Conservatives opening up a nine point lead over Labour in London, in contrast to a one point Labour lead in the UK as a whole.

The Tories’ support is at 46 per cent in the capital, to Labour’s 37 per cent. Nationally Labour leads 40 per cent to 39. The Lib Dems are polling poorly both in the capital and nationally, at 12 per cent and 8 per cent respectively. At the last general election the Lib Dems got 23 per cent of the national vote.

Support for UKIP in London stood at 1 per cent; the Green Party at 2 per cent. The BNP is at 0 per cent.

The London lead for the Conservatives will bolster Boris Johnson’s campaign for a second mayoral term. He has traditionally scored better than his party in polls, and is now opening up a wide lead over Ken Livingstone in his campaign to win the May election. The bookies make him a red hot favourite – on the Betfair betting exchange the punters rate him as 80 per cent likely to be re-elected.

Betfair punters now rate Boris as 80 per cent likely to be re-elected

The YouGov poll also revealed support for the Coalition stands at 34 per cent, compared to 57 per cent who oppose it. When asked to name the most important issues facing the country at this time respondants chose the economy, immigration & asylum, and pensions as their top three concerns.

The poll was conducted 16th – 17th January 2012, and was composed of 1707 British adults. The figures exclude “Don’t knows” and “Wouldn’t vote”.




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