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Boost app downloads with micro-influencers

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23rd Aug 22 9:21 am

The app industry is not only a growing industry, it is also a very competitive one, with over 2000 apps being submitted daily to AppStore and Google Play.

If you are an app creator looking to engage Gen Z on TikTok, you might consider partnering up with micro-influencers. They have between 1,000-50,000 followers and are liked by brands, small businesses and users alike.

Many UK influencers have reached huge TikTok followings, like Kyle Thomas (23.5 million followers), Holly H (16.4 million followers), and Abby Roberts (16.3 million followers), however, if you are looking to boost app downloads on TikTok, it might be worth considering partnering up with micro-influencers.

Below we created a list of apps that partnered with micro-influencers on TikTok for boosting downloads.

1. Klarna’s approach

Klarna is valued at more than $46 billion in 2022, and it gained its popularity on TikTok thanks to influencer marketing.

Micro TikTok influencers used the hashtag #klarna to film their clothing hauls from Asos or Misguided- just two of the many brands Klarna collaborated with.

Thanks to the organic and regular content, Klarna managed to raise brand awareness on TikTok and boost downloads.

2. Bumble’s TikTok strategy

Bumble, a well-known dating app, became very popular after deciding to engage with the TikTok demographic.

3. Subway Surfers on TikTok

Given the success of gaming apps like Subway Surfers, TikTok has recently decided to invest in in-app gaming. This game is one of the most downloaded worldwide and they managed to keep their targeted audience engaged and boost app downloads by collaborating with both top and micro-influencers.

If you are looking to boost your app downloads, the best social media platform is TikTok, where, with the help of micro-influencers, you can create engagement and awareness for your targeted Gen Z audience and ultimately increase your app downloads.

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