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Best storage beds to keep you organised

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1st Mar 22 1:10 pm

If you are a trendy interior lover, you will certainly know about the struggle of storage and organisation of your bedroom. What best can you do when your room doesn’t give enough space for lavish cabinets and wardrobes for all the stuff? 

If you are still shifting things from here to there, storage beds are all you need! Check out the best storage beds with splendid compartments to have enough space without compromising your décor.

Beds with pull out drawers

The most comfortable and versatile designs are beds with drawers beneath the bedding. According to the slots provided, pull-outs can be on the sides or the front. These concealed spaces can store all the linen and blankets without demanding other wardrobe spaces.

If you don’t like drawers, you can also have compartments with separate doors. Drawers can be attached to any Divans, fabric beds, or upholstered beds. 

Among the new designs, you can also find wicker baskets or detachable cloth drawers that give a more aesthetic look to your bedroom. Check this website to explore one of the best storage bed designs in different themes and styles.

Platform bed with wardrobes below

Who wouldn’t like to have an entire room below the bed? If you have a small bedroom or live in a dorm, platform beds are the best to utilise the complete room’s height. These beds are raised to the top, and down below, you can have wardrobes, shelves, or a cabinet of drawers.

If you don’t want much storage, you can also have working desks in the slot. It can organise all your belongings together without demanding any extra space. Instead, if you don’t like sleeping on height, you can have an attic above your bed.

Lift-up storage beds

If drawers and compartments are uncomfortable with handles dangling outside or the drawers are sliding out easily, lift-up storage beds are the best. The modern designs have both side and front lift patterns to offer a big storage space below.

You can have an entire single tub or add partitions to organise your stuff. Unlike the drawers or shelves attached to the beds, these designs can conceal all your things in a single space. The bedding also comes with a hydraulic holding hook system to keep the mattress lifted, such that you don’t have to hold it for a long time.

Bunk beds with shelves

These are the most suitable for kids’ rooms to arrange all their clothes, toys and books. You can find these bunk beds with open shelves, closed wardrobes, under-bed drawers, and compartments in various designs.

You don’t have to invest in extra furniture, and these beds could be the best to fit in a small space. If you want more handy space to keep immediate supplies or valuables, you can also have small drawers or compartments attached to the bedhead.


Storage beds have now become essential for better organisation and proper care of our belongings. Beds of any size and shape now have trunks and drawers for storing different items and clothing. 

These beds have feasible designs taking less space but providing more slots for storage. Apart from standard patterns, you can also find customisation in many latest stores like Crafted Beds to design your compartments accordingly. 


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