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Best software for a jewellery business

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6th Nov 20 10:13 am

Managing a jewellery business can be challenging without the right resources. jewellery sellers need a streamlined system to record and process all the transactions made at their stores. Plus, they need to manage their inventory with reliable tools to ensure that every stock item is present in the books to avoid misplacement and theft.

A reliable system for such a business is a POS system. The best jewellery POS system uses an automated framework to manage all the processes without difficulties. Thus, your employees get more time to manage the customers. Additionally, the staff will not need to give extra time to the administrative work as POS automates all the processes.

This post will go through some of the best software for the jewellery business right now. Before introducing each recommended software, let’s understand how POS can help a jewellery business.

How can a POS system help manage a jewellery business?

POS or point-of-sale system manages retail businesses with a structured set up to manage all the administrative tasks. The modern POS systems use the cloud’s power, with state-of-the-art smart devices, known as peripherals. These devices are all connected to a central computer to keep all the data safely processes in one place.

jewellery POS software works similarly to any other retail POS system does. Managing inventories, payrolls, record sales information, analyzing profit/loss details, enabling transactions, and more. A point-of-sale system is programmed to perform all such tasks without manual recording, which would otherwise have taken a lot of time.

A POS system’s compatibility features with smartphones and tablets make it a fantastic resource to streamline any retail business. And the use of this system for your jewellery business is no exception. POS features combined with reliable customer relationship management or CRM software further makes it a useful tool for processing information faster than manual input.

Best jewellery business software to use right now

Give more time to your customers by automating all transactional and sales processes with one of the following software.

Lightspeed Retail

When it comes to flawless integration of your transactions, client info, and inventory management, Lightspeed Retail is your tool. It is a professional POS solution to combine all your jewellery business operations systematically.

Lightspeed Retail also utilizes business analytics to give you a more profound result for transactions, payrolls, inventories, and much more. This software lets you accept several payment methods with ease. Upon subscribing to their services, LR professionals set everything up for you to have the POS system ready at your disposal.

Additional features offered by their firm include a loyalty program, diversified payment accepting methods, CRM, and software updates.


PIRO Retail creates a streamlined system for jewellery employees without direct managerial or administrative duties at the front-end. That ensures to keep the front desk decluttered so that the staff members can manage customers more enthusiastically.

With its end-to-end automation features, PIRO tracks all orders comprehensively and manages all the processes from ordering to invoicing through a smart system. Plus, jewellery store owners can receive instant notifications on their smart devices for all the transactions for record-keeping. PIRO is also proud to show off its ERP integration with the POS system for further optimizing the workflow and production for seamless shipping of orders.

Another critical feature that PIRO offers is the rare ability to integrate customer management, manufacturing, and sales for impressive efficiency and transparency.


If you are looking for POS software to manage your jewellery business on-the-go, ShopKeep can be a reliable tool. This software utilizes the power of the Android and iOS systems to control, order, track, transact, and more through a touchscreen interface. It also integrates smartly with POS peripherals like card swipe machines, readers, barcode scanners, etc., without any issues.

ShopKeep POS system features an inbuilt register to track your business transactions as well. If you need a streamlined approach to track your employees’ work hours, manage payrolls, analyze business data, or market your business based on the latest trends, ShopKeep’s got your back.

It’s a fan favorite for beginners due to its easy-to-use controls, customer-friendly tech support, and optimized functionality. If you plan to start a new jewellery business, this software might be a useful resource for helping you out.

The Edge

For small jewellery store owners and independent retailers, the Edge is a great POS solution. It features one of the most powerful inventory management modes to create an automatic sales processing system. It gives you access to a fast and efficient reordering feature to ensure that you never run out of jewellery stock.

The Edge lets you measure metrics with accurate precision so that you can analyze the progress of your business. This POS software for jewellery business gives you complete control over managing staff attendance, employee commission, daily staff activity, inventory performance, returns, sales growth, and other vital data.

You can even utilize it for marketing and customer management to help your business grow further. It does need an on-site terminal to manage your business. But, its state-of-the-art inventory management capabilities overshadow its lack of mobility and remote operability.

Square POS

Square is an all-rounder system that can give your jewellery business an efficient, smooth, and systematic functionality at managing all financial, administrative, and other routine tasks with little effort. It’s a wide range of peripherals, software, and other features that are worth investing in if you are looking forward to growing your jewellery business.

Square POS ensures that you get effective management of cash drawers, employees, inventories, and customer directories with offline and online capabilities. You can even utilize it for free, though with limited features, if that works for you.

For better operations, subscribing to their premium services with integration of user-friendly peripherals ensures that every process at your jewellery store stays in your field of vision. Square has been holding an impressive track record of satisfied business owners, which is why it is one of the best-recommended software that you can try for your jewellery business.

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