Best internet reactions to Brazil v Germany, the most Tweeted event in sporting history


Brazil is in the throes of national catastrophe after their football team’s unceremonious elimination from the World Cup at the hands of Germany.

It’s a wonder that an official state of emergency hasn’t been declared in South America. The football-smitten country has been described as being in “a state of mourning”, after the 7-1 thrashing the host nation endured, while manager Luiz Felipe Scolari has begged for the country’s forgiveness.

He’s not just being melodramatic either. After Brazil’s 1950 World Cup exit, losing to Uruguay, the Brazilian team was never forgiven.

The biggest surprise was the ease with which Germany decimated the Brazilian defence. Brazil’s captain, David Luiz, is currently the world’s most expensive defender after being sold to Paris Saint-Germain for $91 million. Oh dear.

The public could scarcely believe what was happening. Check out this amazing Tweet map. The twittering world goes into a burning frenzy every time another German strike hits home:


Twitter heat map Brazil World Cup shaming

The reaction to Brazil’s shaming dismissal from their home World Cup was brutal. Here is a round-up of some of the best internet responses to the game.

We can’t help but be moved by this image:



Finally, celebrity tittle-tattle merchant Piers Morgan weighs in before the game with this nugget of wisdom: 


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