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Benefits of hiring quick wasters for rubbish removal in London

15th Oct 20 10:46 am

Grand old Big Ben’s home city. LONDON. Damp, dismal, and delightfully unpredictable.

Say what you may, it’s left its Dickensian times far behind.

London, though, continues to hide dirty secrets. One of which was revealed in 2019’s Green Journal.

A 2019 report in the Green Journal mentions that London has a recycling rate considerably worse than other UK cities.

London’s waste disposal – A mighty fine problem

A government report published in February 2018 informs that more than half of London’s waste is sent to incinerators. Waste burning in London is indiscriminate, to say the least. Recyclable waste like plastic and food waste also end up burning.

The problem with randomly sending organic and recyclable waste to incinerators involves issues beyond the economic costs of waste burning. Plastic causes health hazards if burnt. It is also more eco-friendly to dispose of food waste through processes like anaerobic digestion.

To burn organic and recyclable waste is to lose them forever from the circular economy of sustainability. One of the major bottlenecks relates to the responsibility of waste separation. Widespread misconceptions persist about whose responsibility it is to separate waste.

Should it happen at the household level, or the borough level? Opinions differ and no clear solution is readily available.

Fly-tipping – it just won’t go away

Every London household produces an average of 970 kgs of waste in a year. In 2015-2016, the average waste removal rate at the household level was only 32%. Where does the unremoved waste go?

A steady rise in fly-tripping answers that question. London’s streets get littered with overflowing rubbish bins and black bin bags.

A September 2020 report by Keep Britain Tidy in collaboration with the London Borough Environment Directors Network (LEDNet) informs that one in five Londoners admit to fly-tripping at least once in the last 24 months.

People often indulge in fly-tripping due to lack of awareness, the report says. Leaving a black bin bag full of garbage next to a rubbish bin is fly-tripping, for instance. An online survey of 1000 Londoners by YouGov reveals that 69% of the respondents did not know this.

The rate of increase in fly-tripping in London is double that of the national rate. It increased by 14% between 2015-16 and 2016-17. Dealing with fly-tripping needs London boroughs to spend GBP 18 million annually.

Be a responsible citizen: take charge of your waste disposal

Why would anyone want the capital of the country to have the worst waste disposal problem? Whether you run a household in London, or a commercial establishment, or both – you’d surely care to play your part in freeing London from this dubious distinction.

Accessing the services of a professional waste disposal agency is the surest way to get your rubbish removed in the proper manner. That also ensures that the final disposal happens the way it should.

Householders and entrepreneurs of commercial agencies may feel worried about the added costs of hiring professional services for waste disposal. Junk removal services by Quick Wasters are the perfect solution.

As the number one rubbish removal service provider in London, Quick Wasters offers efficient and environment-friendly services at incredibly affordable prices.

The advantages that quick wasters offer

The biggest benefit of calling Quick Waster for your garbage removal is their customised solution package. From the disposal of household rubbish to the accumulated litter of large shopping malls – this company has a plan for everyone.

Quick Waster tailor-makes waste disposal solutions to address the specific needs and preferences of every customer. A fully licensed company, Quick Waster is serious about its professional efficiency. The staff are well-trained and adept at what they do.

The courteous behavior and smiling service of the personnel come as a pure bonus.

The range of waste removal services

Quick Wasters offer the following services, and more

Get your construction sites cleaned of the accumulated rubble and other junk in an incredibly quick time. Quick Wasters staff have the experience and expertise to do that for you.

They also have the necessary equipment.

  • Commercial garbage collection: There are plans to suit everyone’s needs – from the smallest Mom and Pop store to large shopping malls. Whatever the volume, weight, and type of the garbage – Quick Wasters can deal with it.
  • Industrial waste removal: Customised for everyone from small factory floors to huge industrial complexes. Unless you are in an industry that produces hazardous or chemical wastes, Quick Wasters has a solution for you.
  • Removing garden waste: Revel in how neat and clean your garden looks after Quick Wasters people remove all the accumulated garbage from it. It may be junk from an overnight garden party, or just dry leaves strewn everywhere post winter.

Quick Wasters personnel will arrive with the right gear and clean it up.

  • Residential rubbish removal: It may be just accumulated household waste or litter that needs cleaning after a house party. It could be junk that you want to get rid of when you are moving house or renovating it.
  • Waste collection from offices: From cleaning unwanted office junk from small one-room offices to collecting rubbish from big office complexes – Quick Wasters does it all. From waste paper to rejected furniture.
  • Waste removal from educational institutions: From primary schools to universities – everything is within the range of this company’s services.

Transparency Is quick wasters business capital

You’ll know exactly how the company fixes the price for your waste removal needs. Once you call them and describe your need, the company will give you an estimated quote. The type, weight, and volume of the waste determine the pricing.

If you share photographs of the waste you want to be collected, Quick Wasters will give you an even more accurate quote. Not only waste clearance, you can get professional end of tenancy cleaning services from Quick Cleaning Services.

Get the benefit of same-day removal

That is another advantage you get when you access Quick Wasters garbage removal service. You want the junk removed on the day most convenient for you. Call this company on the day you want and get it done that same day.

Why you can trust quick wasters

  • This company has an approval stamp from the Environment Agency. That’s an indication that the waste disposal will be as it should be right until the final stage.
  • You can observe that the collecting personnel have the right equipment for the type of rubbish they have to collect.
  • You can watch them separate organic and recyclable waste.

Call and talk to them tell them what you need, expect it to be done.


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