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Beginners cricket betting tips

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23rd Apr 21 12:32 pm

Cricket is a paradise for betting enthusiasts who love to bet live. Frequent stoppages in the game, many statistically measurable details and massive global appeal allow bookmakers like bookmaker-ratings.com/bonuses/ to offer a variety of markets that are constantly changing as the game develops. Let’s go through tips that will make you an instant cricket betting expert.

Watch some games first

Yes, it seems so simple, but watching a game or two before placing bets allows you to learn the nuances of the game, see how the team uses tactics to accelerate momentum and how the pressure of the game situation creates heroes and villains. It’s a simple game and your experience of interpreting other sports will easily carry over into T20 Cricket. Even a fundamental knowledge of the sport can benefit you to realise why the odds change. Shortly you’ll have an option to recognise the value and jump on it.

Tip: Apps provide real-time updates, but the information can be delayed by at least 45 seconds. By that time in-game clock will advance. Live TV will guide you through this step of the learning curve.

Wait for the throw before placing a bet

As in American football, cricket has a “throw” before the game starts. The leader of the triumphant team must choose if his side will hit or field first. The throw starts approximately thirty minutes before the game takes place. Winning the toss is important because it theoretically allows the winner to play in their preferred method: either in tuning or in pursuit of a goal. Being a huge benefit, bookmakers can’t miss that. They change odds accordingly the time throw occurs. A toss can affect several markets, and the best example is possible one-way matches.

In T20 cricket, if the weak teams play first, then the match is likely to get a poor score as the 2nd team stops hitting once the supposedly low target is reached. If strong teams play first, they can score quickly, gaining a huge amount that a weak team is unlikely to pursue. This will affect markets such as: “A hundred will be scored”, “Just six or less”, “Most sixes in ODI”, “Team result of the first full rounds”.

Wait for the throw. 30 minutes is enough time to find a value based on which team hits first in T20 cricket. The more you follow cricket, the more you learn to find value.


Because cricket is a summer outdoor sport, it is affected by the terrible summer rain. In T20 cricket, matches can be reduced to as little as 5 overs for the pursuit team. An algorithm developed by English statisticians Duckworth and Lewis (creatively referred to as the Duckworth-Lewis system) is used in the event of a game stops due to rain and exposure for the remaining time.


Cricket may seem to be an alien sport, but with a little effort, it can be a present for forecasters looking to broaden their horizons. The fluctuating momentum makes it a treasure trove of real-time betting. Making an informed decision about the need to learn and improve cricket betting is where the unexpected path to success begins.


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