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Barnier warns PM to commit to fisheries deal or he will sink Brexit

by LLB Reporter
24th Apr 20 1:57 pm

Michel Barnier the EUs chief negotiator in Brussels warned on Friday that the bloc will not agree a trade deal, unless Boris Johnson commits to a long-term fisheries deal.

Barnier said that he has made it “crystal clear” he will not reach any agreement unless there is progress on fisheries.

He said, “The EU will not agree any future economic partnership that does not include a balanced, sustainable and long-term solution on fisheries, that is crystal clear.”

EU leaders have pressured Barnier to secure a deal over Britain’s fishing waters as part of a deal.

Barnier slammed the British Prime Minister over his refusal to extend Brexit, as it stands the transition period ends on 31 December.

Barnier said, “The UK cannot refuse to extend the position, and at the same time, slow down discussions on important areas.

“The UK cannot impose this short, brief timeline, and at the same time not budge on the same topics that are of importance to the EU.”

He added, I asked David Frost that based on our request… that we receive a reasonable proposal from the UK side on fisheries, and then we can see whether we can try to move closer and find a balanced, sustainable and long-term agreement.”

Brussels have accused the UK’s Brexit negotiator, David Frost of deliberately stalling negotiations.

A source at Brussels said, “For the moment, the British are only ready to discuss areas where they are interested and listen politely to us present our texts.

“They don’t engage in some of the areas where they don’t have an interest to reach an agreement.”

Johnson has also been urged by senior Tory MPs to tear up the £39bn divorce bill to the EU if they fail to agree a 2020 trade deal.

Frost confirmed that the government will not cave in to demands from Brussels.

Meanwhile the bloc could be on the brink of collapse as Italy have warned they could leave the EU over Brussels handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Italy warned last Tuesday they could leave the EU over Brussels inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Brussels could be the next victim to coronavirus as Italian politicians insist it “would be better to leave Brussels” they have warned.

Italians feel abandoned after a slow response by Brussels, as coronavirus has triggered a breakdown in unity across the bloc.

Footage has appeared on social media of many Italians burning EU flags and town Mayors could be seen throwing the flags from their official buildings.

The EU’s Foreign Police Chief, EU diplomat Josep Borrell told a committee of senior MEPS, “It breaks my heart and it almost makes me cry to see the European flag being burned in Italy.”

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