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Balance your personal life and work during an online MBA program

1st May 18 11:55 am

How to balance it all

If you enroll into an online MBA you already know that you will be completely busy for most of the time. In such situations it can be easy to forget about your personal life. Nonetheless, this is something that you should not do and we have a couple of tips to help you balance school, work and personal responsibilities.

Discover what your priorities are

When you organize your tasks you might think that they are important, and that is true. However, you should see which ones are the real priorities. Put them on top, and start with them. Self-discipline is important and you need to respect your program.

Even if your work is essential, your schedule should also contain personal time and moments that you spend with your friends and family. Remember that they are important as well, and you don’t want to miss certain moments in life.


In order to get your work done you might need to make certain sacrifices. However, these are temporary. It’s just a couple of years so for many it is worth it to give up some of their free time. Nonetheless, you should remember that your mind also needs relaxation.

It makes sense to give up on some of your hobbies or pleasant activities for school or work, but don’t do this all the time. You should treat yourself from time to time, and there should be enough time for yourself.

Remember your goals

When you are enrolled in an online MBA you have to remember that you have a certain goal. You are there because what you learn there will be beneficial for your life. Quality education is worth it, and when you are going through hard times you should remember that there is a good reason why you are doing all that. Coursework will be difficult at first, but it becomes better when you realize that you can apply all that knowledge right away.

Come up with a creative schedule

When you are planning your schedule you might want to think outside the box. For example, some people have revealed that they find it easier to complete their assignments as long as they know that they have other plans afterwards.

Others get recorded lectures and they watch them during their breaks or during their commute to work. You might also divide your work into equal parts so that you will find it easier to handle them. You should also find out if you work better during day or during night. For some people it works better to work in the morning when things are silent.

Surround yourself with loving people

The people around you are very important. Your friends and family should always be there to support you. If you have an understanding partner or family, it becomes much easier to handle your tasks. If you have friends who are not there to support you, it might be better to give up on them.

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