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Avoid these 10 common mistakes when using a pie chart maker

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15th Aug 22 5:02 pm

Pie charts are widely used to show relative size differences between different items. While they can seem like a good way to compare the sizes of different elements at first glance, you need to be careful not to make one or more of these common mistakes if you’re going to use pie chart maker software.

1. Not making the size of each slice relevant

Pie chart maker software puts all the information you give it onto a graph, so if you tell it which item is bigger than another, the size of each piece of the pie should reflect this. If you’re showing percentages, then each item in your chart should be represented by a percentage of the whole.

2. Mixing metrics and categories

Pie chart maker software can be used to show percentages, so it’s easy to assume that you can use it for anything. This is not the case at all though, and if you want pie charts to be effective then they need to have a metric attached. You can’t mix different metrics on a single graph, as this will confuse your audience. Check out Venngage and explore their graph maker to use supplementary graphs or charts.

3. Assuming a circle chart Is 100% accurate

Pie charts are not perfect by any means, but they do allow you to make measurements easier for your readers to understand. If you want to use pie chart maker software then it is important not to assume that they are 100% accurate. It’s a good idea to have a look at different examples of pie charts before you use them so that you understand what sort of information people will expect from your chart.

4. Failing to use labels

Pie chart maker software allows you to add labels to explain exactly what each little piece of the graph represents. You should always use these where necessary, as they will help to explain each item in your chart and make it much easier for the reader to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

5. Make a pie chart too busy

Pie charts work well when there is a small number of items that you want to compare. This means that it’s easy to make the graph too full of information, which is something that you should try to avoid if possible. Using labels to help explain what each item in your pie chart represents can be a good idea so long as there are not so many labeling options that the reader gets confused.

6. Not using slices to show individual values

Pie chart maker software allows you to use different colors for your slices so that they are easier to identify, but this won’t work unless you also show the exact measurements of each slice on the graph. Pie charts are supposed to be simple, so try not to make them too complicated by making it difficult for the reader to understand what the graph is telling them.


7. Not using slices at all

Pie chart maker software can make it easier for you to compare relative sizes between different items, but this doesn’t mean that you should automatically use pie charts in every situation where you need to show size differences. Pie charts are often most effective when there are only a few items that you need to show and where percentages aren’t relevant.

8. Making it hard for the reader to read the pie graph

Pie chart maker software makes it easy for you to add lots of different information onto one graph, but this doesn’t mean that the reader has the time or the inclination to spend ages studying the graph. Pie charts need to be designed so that they are quick and easy to read, otherwise, more information won’t help your audience understand what you’re trying to communicate.

9. Only using A pie chart creator in one situation

As we’ve already mentioned, pie charts work well when you only have a small number of items that you need to show, but that doesn’t mean that they are the best option for every situation. You might find that bar charts are easier to use for certain purposes, or that you don’t need any kind of chart at all.

10. Using pie chart generator in the wrong situations

Pie chart maker software is quick and easy to use, which means that it’s really easy to end up making pie charts for the wrong reasons. Pie charts are best used when you need to compare individual items in a certain situation, but if your purpose is different then pie charts might not be right for you at all.


It’s really easy to use pie chart maker software, which is why you should be careful not to make any simple mistakes that will ruin the usefulness of your graph. Always remember that pie charts are just one option out of many different ways of showing information visually, so it’s important not to rely on them too heavily. Pie chart maker software can help you make great-looking graphs, but it will only work if you know exactly what you are doing.

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