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Are you going to practice yoga? Learn how to choose the ideal outfit!

25th Jun 18 11:11 am

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You enrolled in a Yoga course and now you ask yourself, “What will I wear?” In fact, Yoga is such an introspective and self-knowledge practice. However, care must be taken not to choose clothing that will disturb the asanas (postures) or make you feel uncomfortable, either cold or too hot. In this way, know here the appropriate clothing for Yoga and start your practice with comfort and well-being one.

Place and Time

Firstly, you should dress according to the place and time of practice. If you start at Yoga yourself at home, via the internet, you can feel comfortable according to your preferences. There are many people who have lately joined Yoga outdoors, whether in squares, clubs, beaches or near waterfalls. In these places, it is possible to practice with a bikini, swimsuit or tops with extensible mini shorts. However, if you have chosen a Yoga studio to immerse yourself in this healthy practice, there are other details to check.

What Kind of Yoga Should You Choose?

If you still do not know, there are hundreds of types of Yoga scattered around the world, being more meditative, relaxing and peaceful while others are more physical and powerful. The most frequent ones are:

Hatha or Vinyasa: beginners usually enter these classes because they focus on coordinating movements with breathing exercises.

Ashtanga or Power: In these classes, you will make constant movements between the postures, making them more challenging, requiring more breath and elasticity.

Iyengar: As it is necessary to remain in the postures for longer, this Yoga strand promotes greater balance and strength through muscle stretching. For this, materials such as blocks, bands and blankets are used.

Bikram or Hot: In these classes, the goal is to sweat to purify the body. Therefore, the rooms are heated to about 37 ° C, which relaxes the muscles and promotes deeper stretches.

Upper part

As soon as you know what kind of class you will face, you can choose the top of your clothing. Usually, regattas are worn, as sleeved blouses can disrupt the practice, especially if the postures require the arms to bend, stretch and make several movements. With this, you do not have to keep pulling the sleeves up all the time.

However, if your chosen class is Bikram, a low-impact top is the ideal choice as you will feel very hot. Men can be without a blouse in this class. On the other hand, in Iyengar or Vinyasa classes, which are quieter, a good option is layered clothing: wear a top or a tank top under a lighter, loose top. So you will not feel cold at the beginning of the lesson, during the warm-up, or at the end (at the time of relaxation). Just avoid too low-cut and / or too short blouses, because in certain postures, you will end up showing more than you should in class.

Lower part

As for the bottom, you can opt for a legging which is always comfortable for any sporting modality and we all have one at home. A sports shorts is also a good request because it adheres well to the body and does not squeeze excessively, leaving the practice quite comfortable. However, if you have a short that moves with your body, there are no criticisms regarding its use.

Now, if you live in London, there are some recommended stores such as Ana Heart London that sell clothes specially made for Yoga, ranging from tops to pants, shirts and shorts. Generally, they are made of cotton, bamboo and linen fabrics, which are comfortable, lightweight and mold to the body.

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