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Applying for a Switzerland visa in the UK

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Aug 18 1:25 pm

Switzerland is one of the many states that have agreed to establish common entry and exit requirements, so as to eliminate the need for internal borders. If you are travelling to Switzerland for business, you need a visa for entry, as a non-EU passport holder. It goes without saying that the Schengen Area has very strict rules as far as visas are concerned. Legal permission to stay is not granted to just about anyone. Anyone who is interested in travelling to Switzerland should make an appointment for a visa interview as soon as possible. This guide addresses UK residents who are interested in applying for an authorization.

Types of visa application forms

Several types of visa application forms are available, as follows:

  • Schengen visa application – a Schengen visa is practically a short stay visa that enables the holder to travel freely within the Schengen Zone. The traveller can stay for as long as three months. As mentioned earlier, it is possible to make a Switzerland visa appointment in London. With an authorization, you can stay not only in Switzerland but also travel to the 26 countries that take part in the Schengen Agreement.
  • Visa application form D – this travel document is for stays that are longer than ninety days.

The visa application forms need to be correctly completed in all respects and submitted successfully. The corresponding visa application forms are available at the Swiss diplomatic or consular mission in the UK. It is necessary to submit several documents together with the visa application. Required documentation includes two passport photos, original passport, copy of the travel document, notarized proof of residency in a foreign country, copy of the flight booking, and a letter of invitation from the host company in Switzerland.

What is the processing time?

It takes a while until you receive the authorization, which is the reason why it is recommendable to apply for the visa two weeks prior to your business trip. Generally speaking, the visa application form is processed in four days. Nonetheless, delays are possible. The Embassy Consulate do their best in order to proceed with the documentation. It is important to understand that there are many traveller requests and, sometimes, it is not possible to respond in a timely manner. The fact of the matter is that the processing time may differ from case to case. Talking the necessary steps ahead of time is therefore crucial.

Switzerland visa applications can be submitted online

Individual Switzerland visa seekers will be happy to find out that they can submit their applications online. All you have to do is to upload the supporting documents and pay for the application. Those who are interested should access the government portal. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that not all individuals may be able to apply for a visa over the Internet. In this respect, it is necessary to seek further information. For instance, applications for long-term stays have to be filled directly with the Swiss representatives. The good news is that appointments can be made in another Schengen States.

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